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Welcome to Tuesday's blog roundup. This is the day we shine the spotlight on bloggers and artists in the publishing, film and music industries.




The Self-Publisher's Self-Questionnaire -

So you want to publish your own book. Have you really thought about what that means? Blogger and book designer Joel Friedlander posts nine questions you should ask yourself before you take the plunge.


Chapter Endings & The Hunger Games - Writing and Illustrating

Taking a cue from author Suzanne Collins, blogger Kathy Temean shares some sound advice on how to end a chapter in a way that will keep people reading.


Editing, Editing, Editing - ESCAPOLOGY

Where does the storytelling really take place when creating a film? According to Escapology it's all in the editing.

5 Tips for a Successful Film Reel -

If you're a filmmaker looking for a gig, it's your calling card. Will your film reel land you a job or cost you work?



Guitar Strings: Tips on Cleaning, Choosing, Changing Them - Music After 50

Save money and improve your sound with simple guitar string maintenance - a guide for seasoned pros and beginners.


DIY floppy drive echo and delay - synthgear

Musician and inventor Daniel McAnulty has come up with a fun and innovative way to recycle that old floppy drive.



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