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Evaluating Your Author Brand

Posted by CreateSpaceBlogger on Jan 24, 2011 11:11:03 AM

In past blogs, we've established that your marketing plan should begin with creating your brand as an author. Brand identity will help you develop a consistent and clear message in regard to you, as an author, and your titles. Remember, you're an author, not a corporation, so it's not necessary to be as rigid as your typical corporate brand. Your brand should match your personality, because, in the end, that is essentially what your author brand is - you. Your brand will be on display on your blog, on social media sites, and in personal videos. It will take time and commitment to build brand awareness, but the only real requirement is for you to be you.


Here are three questions to help you evaluate and identify your brand. When you can define your brand as an author, it will be much easier for you to construct uniform messaging.


Is your author brand bold?

Bold is in the eye of the beholder, but a touch of vulnerability should accompany your brand. Some authors are passionately political or staunchly religious or wickedly funny. These can be risky brand types to adopt since you could turn some potential readers off, but, at the same time, risk does have its rewards. When you're bold or make a statement, your followers can be fanatical in spreading the word about your brand since they connect with the passion in your message. If you're passionate about something, make that topic an integral part of your brand and speak your mind.


Does your author brand really reflect who you are?

Creating a brand that doesn't really reflect who you are in real life is not the best avenue to take. It's hard to manage, and you'll likely resent keeping up the persona after a while. Believe it or not, most authors who create an alternate personality for their brands do so because they don't think they're that interesting. In reality, that doesn't matter, because there is a group of followers out there for every brand. Be yourself, and they will follow.


Does your brand include emotion?

Emotion is a big factor in driving people to purchase something. If you want people to buy into your brand, open up to them. Write a blog post about a childhood memory or an event that made you happy or sad or angry. Whenever I've done this on my blog, I'm always surprised when I get a comment or email from somebody who could relate. Emotional messages help you connect with your readers. Don't be afraid to express yourself.


Author brand building isn't hard to do, but it does take time and it requires you to be yourself. The hardest part is to get past those moments when you don't feel like anyone's getting your message. Don't let those doubts prevent you from moving forward. Keep at it, and just assume you're breaking through. Your persistence will eventually pay off.


What other ideas do you have for evaluating your author brand?



Richard Ridley is an award-winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.


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