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There are many nuances to self-publishing, but one thing remains constant: with self-publishing, you (the author) are the publisher. Therefore, even if you have a single title that you are trying to sell, you are in the business of publishing. And as such, you owe it to yourself to stay on top of trends and developments in the industry. Thankfully, that no longer means you have to subscribe to fairly expensive trade magazines. In our internet culture, the news of the day in the publishing world is at your fingertips through many helpful online blogs. Here are few of my favorites:


A Newbie's Guide to Publishing - This blog is the brain child of thriller author and Kindle superstar J.A. Konrath. Konrath began the blog in the early days of his publishing adventures to help his fellow writers, and he's continued to regularly update it over the years as he successfully navigated the twists and turns of the industry. The blog is a must-read for both newbies and veterans of the publishing game.


GalleyCat - This website provides short commentary on the big publishing news of the day and also provides links to the original source material. It's a great site to get a sense of what everyone else is talking about in the publishing industry.


PWxyz - This is Publishers Weekly's blog. Publishers Weekly is a respectable trade magazine that gave birth to the granddaddy of all publishing sites. The main site is great, but I enjoy PWxyz much more. It has style, personality, and a ton of useful information. PWxyz does opinion posts, but its most popular posts come from its PW Morning Report, which is a list of usually five to eight publishing stories from around the globe.


There Are No Rules - This is Writer's Digest's blog that is maintained by Jane Friedman. Jane knows her stuff, and she has a lot of well-informed friends in the publishing industry. She also does a Twitter round-up every week that lists the best publishing tweets from the previous week.


These are just four of the blogs I frequent. There are others I read, but only on a semi-regular basis. You will discover that visiting these sites regularly and clicking on their links to other stories around the internet will give you many new sources of publishing information that you can add to your favorites list. Happy surfing!



Richard Ridley is an award-winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.


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