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Could an E-book Look Like a Book?


There are those who are squarely in the print book camp. They are die-hard fans of the printed page and in most cases they loathe the e-book craze. And then there are the gadget guys and gals who love their e-readers. The very idea that they can download books from the internet from virtually anywhere at any time of the day sets their head spinning with sheer delight. The two methods of reading are separated by a great chasm of technology, but will that always be the case? What if a blank book with hundreds of pages of blank electronic paper could digitally morph into the book of your choice? Could e-books of the future look like the print books of today?


The object in your hands looks and feels like a book. The pages feel like paper. You flip through them, and all the words are there waiting for you; there's no waiting for a screen to refresh. The object might even be made, with a judicious dash of library-scented accord from my favorite perfume shop, to smell like the books you grew up with. You can make notes on the pages if you wish, provided you use the special digital pen attached by means of a thin ribbon to the spine.


You can read the entire article on The Millions' website: The Chameleon Machine


The Making of a Writing Partnership


The duo who brought you Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are back with a new comedy called Paul. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have been friends since 1993, and they've acted together plenty of times, but they've never written together before. They decided to put their science fiction geek credentials to good use and write the space alien send off. What they found is that being writing partners is different from being friends.


"It's very hard writing collaboratively," says Pegg. "When you have three ideas in a row which your partner has gone, 'Eh, I dunno,' you start to feel that it's personal." Frost jumps in: "Why do you hate me?" "Why aren't I allowed to have an idea?" continues Pegg. "The next thing you wanna do is just have an idea cause you haven't had an idea in 20 minutes. Even if it's not very good, and then you get annoyed at yourself for being petty and then there's 10 minutes of [cursing]." "Then someone will say, 'Cuppa tea?'" says Frost.


You can read the entire article on The Los Angeles Times' website: 'Paul': Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on droid noises, chest hair and pink-mist romance


Classical Music Hits the Pop Charts


At one time, the music of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms was the popular music of the time. In essence, they were pop stars. Today, our pop stars look quite a bit different. They wear crazy clothes. Sport crazy hairdos...okay, so maybe they're not that different. But music has changed, and the pop music of yesteryear is now the classical music of our time. They are of two different worlds and never the twain shall meet...not so fast. Alessandro Striggio's 1566 mass has hit the charts in the U.K.


Several years ago, the work, Missa sopra Ecco sì beato giorno, was rediscovered in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, where it had been miscatalogued. In 2007, it was given its first modern performance at London's BBC Proms. Now, a new recording of the work has made its debut on the pop charts at number 68, beating the likes of Bon Jovi, George Harrison and Eminem.


You can read the entire article on The Independent's website: Lost choral masterpiece finally finds a home... in the pop charts



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