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February 17, 2012

Welcome to the Weekly News Roundup - a collection of news, advice and opinions from around the virtual globe.


Designers on Book Covers of the Future -Publishing Perspectives

While publishing turns to the digital world, designers are finding ways to capitalize on the way technology is shaping how we shop and read. 

5 Tips for Fearless Writing - Writer's Digest

Are you prepared to go where few writers have gone before?   


How to Be a Better Camera Operator - Part 1: MINDSET -Through The Lens

Twelve tips on how to get your mind right for working as a camera operator on a film shoot.      

Dear Filmmakers: Subvert A Genre All You Want, But You Have To Respect It First - Bloody Disgusting

Blogger Evan Dickson makes the argument that to make a good genre film, you have to respect the genre.     


Frank Hamilton Records and Releases a Song a Week for 2012 - Milky Tea Kid

In an industry that advises against oversaturation, Frank Hamilton is following a different path.   

Trent Reznor - An Exclusive TuneCore Interview - Tunecore

The founder of Nine Inch Nails discusses the difference between recording an album and recording for film.  


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Richard Ridley is an award-winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.

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