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We have established that an author brand is not a corporate brand and it isn't quite a personal brand. It's a hybrid. You are selling a product and that product is tied to your brand, but the public has certain expectations when it comes to author brands that they wouldn't accept in a corporate brand. They expect authors to be much more candid than corporations, one might even say they expect author brands to show more emotions than corporate brands. Don't get me wrong, corporate brands do have an emotional identity, but it's usually a safe emotional identity. Author brands are given more leeway to be more expressive.

Do you know your emotional identity, and does your emotional identity match your genre? Before you answer that question, remember that I constantly preach that your author brand should be nothing more than a reflection of who you really are. Don't manufacture an online persona to match what you think you readers expect from you. For example, if you write horror novels, don't feel pressured to post macabre thoughts and creepy poetry to convince your readers that you are your genre. Be yourself.

But, your emotional identity is tied to more than how you express yourself online. It's also tied to what you share. Horror book and movie reviews, horror-themed convention and book fair news, and Halloween events: these are all horror-themed shares that will help establish your emotional identity without having to fake a "haunting" persona. The same strategy can be used for any genre and subgenre. Yes, be expressive, much more so than a corporate brand, but don't fake it. Be true to yourself.

If you've never asked yourself if your brand's emotional identity matches your genre, it's time to do so. 


-Richard Contributors/RidleyHeadshot_blog.jpg

Richard Ridley is an award winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.

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Dec 9, 2017 3:23 AM Dolphin27    says:

I'm currently working on some adult horror stuff, and this was very helpful. I needed to read this just now, and I've not looked around much here for a while. I've had some personal issues that kept me from doing that. I appreciate this, because me reading this really helped. I've heard that stuff from others big on YouTube, I choose not to use anymore. About what's wrong and right, with say Create Space, and how they do Authors wrong. It disgruntled me, and gave me lots of discouragement. I had some tech issues with some things before getting a pc. It helped stop that getting the pc, and being able to use the stuff here without my carrier. I thank you for your time. I'm shy and bashful, hard to reach out talking to others. This is new having friends here, and I appreciate the good stuff I've read. I don't know what to believe about some Publishing Companies, because I've not been paid for my stuff yet. I'm working on things, and trying to get things accomplished. Thanks again.

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