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Beyond the book

Posted by CreateSpaceBlogger Oct 25, 2017

In order to sell lots of books, you may have to release versions of your novel that go beyond the physical book. Here are three other media platforms that may help you build your community and sell more books.


1. Audiobook: In another time, they were called books on tape, and then CDs became the preferred format. When we started consuming digital audio files, audiobooks were born. An audiobook version of your novel is a natural transition. I have taken the leap, and I have to tell you I had a blast working on them. From selecting a narrator to uploading the files, developing an audiobook is a truly exhilarating process. The fact it can grow your readership (listenership) is a delightful bonus.


2. The stage: I know it sounds like a stretch, but a stage version of your book has the potential to grow your audience. Granted, that audience will be limited to the people in the theater, but social media gives them their own platform to tell their friends and followers about the adaptation of your book to a play. I attended a play in California where the playwright sold and signed copies of her book after the performance of her play based on the book. By the looks of it, she did very well.


3. Podcast: This is kind of a mixture of an audiobook and a stage play. The podcast version of your book mimics radio theater. Like a stage play, you would use actors to act out the parts. Unlike a stage play, you would serialize the material and present each segment via a podcasting service on the same day and at the same time. The hope is that you will build buzz as folks wait in anticipation for your next chapter.


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Richard Ridley is an award winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.


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Brand Buddies

Posted by CreateSpaceBlogger Jun 15, 2016


Do you know why the Wonder Twins were so powerful? Because there were two of them. Forget the fact that I just dated myself by referencing the Wonder Twins, and don't let it overshadow my point. A team is far more effective than a solo act when it comes to branding. Wherever there are two or more of you co-branding yourselves as authors, there are exponentially more friends and followers to whom you are exposing your brands.



Find a brand buddy (or three or four) and start creating a multi-stream of brand awareness. Interview one another. Actively engage one another on the other's social media platform. Highlight one another's triumphs. Find genre-specific topics to have a friendly debate about. Just create your own universe where both or all of your brands share the love.




A podcast is a perfect vehicle for this type of strategy. You and your brand buddy can co-host a regular show and talk about genre-specific topics. John and Hank Green have built co-brands by engaging in "conversations"; via video segments. John will devote a few minutes on camera talking directly to his unseen brother Hank, and Hank will release a video doing the same with John. They are really very entertaining, and each have used the strategy to succeed as entrepreneurs and, in John's case, as a bestselling author.




The brand buddy strategy is a far more rewarding way to build a brand. You reap the rewards of finding success and at the same time, you build a support organization that will help you stay focused when things get rough. Find your brand buddy and start co-branding today.




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Richard Ridley is an award-winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor





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Richard Ridley is an award-winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.


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Richard Ridley is an award-winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.


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