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Welcome to the Weekly News Roundup - a collection of news, advice and opinions from around the virtual globe.




How Authors Support Their Writing Dreams - The Book Deal

A barista, a mailman, and a textbook editor, oh my!


How to Set Up Your Goodreads Author Profile (And Why You Should!) - The Future of Ink

With more than one million unique visitors a day, Goodreads is a haven for readers and authors alike.      




Crowdfunding - Film Courage

A collection of videos where various filmmakers discuss their crowdfunding efforts.    


Podcast Episode: Writing and Making a Feature - Projector Films

Two writers discuss the trials and triumphs they experienced making a film.  




How to Crowdfund Your Next Music Project - Bob Baker's

The basic elements that will make your crowdfunding efforts more fruitful.


9 Effective Networking Tips for Composers -

Do your homework before you network.  


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Richard Ridley is an award-winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.


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Weekly News Roundup- October 17, 2014

Weekly News Roundup- October 10, 2014

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Welcome to Tuesday's blog roundup. This is the day we shine the spotlight on bloggers and artists in the publishing, film and music industries.




How to Create a Podcast - The Creative Penn

Break out your radio voice, because it's time to record your podcast. Joanna has some advice on how to get started.


First vs. Third: Point of View and Character Development - The Other Side of the Story

Sometimes choosing the point of view of your book comes down to the central character. Is s/he entertaining enough to tell a story? Janice Hardy has some other thoughts on the matter.




Films Based on True Stories: More Interesting for Audiences, Daunting for Hollywood - Gather

With the film rights to a true story comes much responsibility.


The Uses of Social Media for Filmmakers - The Valley Advocate

Social media isn't perfect and may feel impersonal at times, but it is a fantastic tool for filmmakers to build an audience for their projects.




What to Eat Before You Sing - Judy Rodman

Feeling a bit peckish before a performance, but afraid eating will affect your vocals? Never fear, Judy Rodman is here with foods that won't interfere with your singing voice.


Negotiating Chord Changes on Guitar - Music After 50

Gigs are only as good as your chord changes. No one hates sloppy play more than the guy playing the axe.



Richard Ridley is an award-winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.


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Tuesday's Blog Roundup - January 18, 2011 Edition

Tuesday's Blog Roundup - January 11, 2011 Edition

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