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When I'm working on a book, I find that one of the hardest things about the process - in addition to coming up with what to write - is getting myself to sit at my desk and focus. "Focus" is the key word here, because once I let myself stop and check my email, browse Facebook, etc., it's amazing how quickly what I intended to be "a quick break" morphs into the whole day. Once I engage with the outside world, any creative spell I've been under is instantly snapped, and it's hard to get that back.

On the flip side, if I stay in the zone and ignore the lure of the Internet and my phone, it's amazing how much writing - good writing - I can get done in a short amount of time. It's like when Han Solo and Chewy switch the Millennium Falcon into hyperdrive. Suddenly, they're halfway across the galaxy!

So there you have it. Stay away from your devices to improve productivity. That sounds so simple, but I know it's not because I still have trouble doing it! (Tools such as Freedom will block the Internet for you if your will power repeatedly falls short.)

In a way, sitting down to write is like working out. You may have the best of intentions to do it, but actually working out means not doing something else, and the pull of the "something else" tractor beam is powerful. If you can get yourself dressed in your workout gear and out the door, that's half the battle. Actually, it's probably most of the battle. So think of disconnecting as the digital equivalent of putting on your workout clothes. Put your phone on mute, turn off your Internet browser, and get to work!

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Maria Murnane is a paid CreateSpace contributor and the best-selling author of the Waverly Bryson series, Cassidy Lane, Katwalk, and Wait for the Rain. She also provides consulting services on book publishing and marketing. Have questions for Maria? You can find her at

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     To some writers, procrastination is a dirty word. It's the bane of their existence. I don't mind it. I actually find it productive in a weird way, but for those of you who want to find a way to beat procrastination, here are three strategies to keep in mind:

  1. Disconnect: Let's face it, where there's Internet, there's a plethora of procrastination material. At times, the allure of surfing the web is just too powerful to resist. You need a strategy that removes you from the Internet's irresistible pull. I have a cheap computer that doesn't even have WiFi. It can be directly connected to the DSL line, but that's a task that involves some extra steps, and those steps keep me from jumping online. If you are so inclined, you could leave your devices at home and take off to a coffee shop with pen and paper and keep things analog.
  2. Reward: Give yourself a word count for the day. Break the word count into four sections. Reward yourself with your favorite activity after you complete each section. Write and reward is an excellent way to beat procrastination.
  3. Procrastinate: Putting actual words to the page is an important step in the writing process, but living your life is as important. Procrastinating is part of living. Ideas and solutions come to us creative types when our minds are busy doing other things. Give it other things to do. Procrastinate.



Distraction-free writing is a nice goal, but in today's world, it's not completely realistic. There's just a lot of cool stuff to see and do on a daily basis. If you can devise a way to keep procrastination at bay, great. But, getting off track and allowing yourself to needlessly waste time is not the end of world.




Richard Ridley is an award-winning author and paid CreateSpace contributor.




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