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Top Tips for Getting Great Reviews

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Top Tips for Getting Great Reviews


Reviews are a great way to enhance your credibility and give your audience confidence in your writing, music, or film--particularly if you're self-publishing or independently distributing your work. Wondering how to go about getting those reviews? It takes more than great content alone to catch the critics' eyes--here are a few helpful hints to help your work get noticed.


Get Your Facts Straight

Providing reviewers with a brief but thorough fact sheet is critical to getting the attention you're looking for. Think of your fact sheet as a compelling and informative summary of what your work is and why it's worth reviewing. Try to keep your fact sheet to under a page, and to make your fact sheet stand out, consider adding graphics, like your cover image, or quotes from other reviews.


There are five essential elements to a good fact sheet:


  1. Your professional biography
  2. A list of any previous publication or production credits you may have
  3. Book/CD/DVD information and website details. Details should include the publisher, and where your work may be purchased. For books, you should also include the number of pages and the ISBN. DVDs and CDs should include a release date.
  4. For books, an excerpt; for DVDs or CDs, a product description
  5. Accurate contact information, including a working e-mail address, phone number, and website


Look Professional Before You Request a Review

Is your website ready? Is your contact information clear? Spend some time polishing your website or your professional biography before you submit your work to reviewers. Chances are, if your work is chosen for review, your reviewer will be equally interested in learning more about you.


Strictly Observe Submission Guidelines and Deadlines

Is your work thematically appropriate for the reviewer? Have you followed all posted instructions for submitting your work? Reviewers receive many submissions, and often, if the item is not submitted in accordance with the rules, it will not even be considered for review, regardless of the content. If guidelines are not posted, ask what they are before you prepare your submission.


Stand Out From the Crowd

To make your work stand out from the rest of the submissions on a critic's desk, consider autographing the cover or including a note of thanks inside.


Practice Patience

As soon as your work is in the mail to reviewers, you may feel the urge to check your mailbox or e-mail every five minutes until you receive a reply. This is fine, but resist the related urge to leave dozens of messages for your reviewer. After all, he or she needs time to actually read your book, listen to your CD, or watch your DVD--and being harassed to do so may unfavorably affect the review. If the reviewer did not specify a timeline for reviewing your work, send a handwritten note of thanks to him or her expressing your appreciation for the opportunity.


With compelling content, a concise fact sheet, polished professionalism, strict adherence to submission guidelines, a personalized approach, and a generous dollop of patience, the reviews you crave can be yours.



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