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Promote Yourself with an Author Website

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Promote Yourself with an Author Website

Author of Your Own Domain


Selling yourself is a big part of being a writer. In today's market, successful online book promotion goes far beyond online book-selling pages, especially in the world of self-publishing. An author website is an excellent way to build your brand and find new audiences for your writing.


Your website needn't be flashy, but it should have clear navigation and be rich in useful content. You want to draw visitors in and increase selling opportunities.  We'll outline three primary sections of an effective author website, and offer tips for enhancing those areas.


Author Biography

Your author biography is your chance to show people why your work is worthy of their attention. It's your opportunity to tell readers a little about yourself, your writing experience, and your creative influences. Here are some tips on how to write a compelling author biography:


  • To avoid overwhelming your readers, your biography should be no more than three or four sentences long.
  • Always write in third person. This professional touch enhances your credibility.
  • In the opening sentence, state your name and professional titles. Remember that non-writing professional titles can add authenticity too--for instance, a doctor may write credible medical thrillers, or a judge may be a fantastic crime mystery writer.
  • Consider capitalizing on things that are true about yourself that you may not immediately think are "marketable." Schooling, hobbies, and interests can lend credence to your book's topic. For example, a great selling point for a book that takes place in Nova Scotia may be that the author was born and raised there. Similarly, an MBA degree might help sell a business book.
  • List affiliations with writing or critique groups and writing organizations. This is especially important for a first-time writer with no bylines. Potential readers will take notice if you are a member of writing or critique groups and writing organizations, because this tells them you have an interest in perfecting your craft.   


Sneak Peek/Purchase Section

You'll want to provide visitors with an easy way to preview and purchase your book. Here you want to ask: "What will hook potential readers?" Your preview may be an excerpt from a gripping chapter or a witty exchange between characters, but whatever you choose should leave the reader hungry for more.


Keep readers interested by changing the passage you display on a regular basis, but don't give away too much of the book.  Also in your preview section, you'll want to provide hyperlinks to your book's eStore or detail page, or provide contact information if you plan to sell autographed physical inventory. Remember to update your website immediately with any changes to your contact or selling information.


Access to Your Blog

A weblog is as great way to keep readers informed about anything and everything relating to your book. If you don't already keep a blog, start now! Your blog is the place to tell readers about things like book giveaways or special offers, upcoming signings and tours, or to give details and display photos of past events. Many websites allow integration of your blog into your webpage, but if not, provide a link to the blog and update frequently.


Remember, as an author, you are your own product, and your website provides a key opportunity to sell yourself to millions of potential readers. Focus on delivering your message to them with innovative content and watch your readership expand.




Looking for more helpful information and advice? Check out our Resources, Community, and Help sections.


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