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Customizing Your CreateSpace eStore

Created on: May 19, 2011 7:31 AM by CreateSpaceResources - Last Modified:  May 19, 2011 11:20 AM by CreateSpaceResources Contributors/Kelly_headshot.jpg

Customizing Your CreateSpace eStore

By Kelly, CreateSpace PrePress


Your book has been through a lot lately. You've written it and successfully taken it through the publishing process. You've poked and prodded your book from an idea to a tangible product. Now you want to sell it. Your creation deserves to be pampered with an artistic and original sales channel.


Customizing your CreateSpace eStore will further foster the personality of your book and put a fashionable touch on the product you have diligently constructed. These customizations can be done in the Sales Channel section of your CreateSpace member account. Though vibrant options are only a click away, we urge you to ponder your selections prior to customizing your eStore.


Do you want your page to appear professional, or is it just for a few close friends? If marketing your book is an integral part of your business, remember the end-customer might also be your client. If you are showcasing your personal photography, this is an opportunity to use details that will enhance the tone of your photographical journey. 


Would you like your page to be public or accessible via password? A password-protected eStore is an attractive alternative if you only want your material purchased by a select group (for example, a school yearbook). Otherwise, public traffic to your eStore is a benefit, as you will typically earn a higher royalty through this sales channel. In the section below titled "Discount Codes" we have provided some information about setting up possible discounts for preferred customers.


Will you use the "Continue Shopping" option? A Continue Shopping link can drive customers to your personal website or to another book's eStore. If you have multiple books in a series, you can use this tool to your advantage. In addition, you may want to consider creating a link from your personal website to your eStore page. If you already have a large blog following, for example, such a link might be appreciated by your supporters.


Do you want the page to remain consistent with the overall theme of your book? Molding your eStore to encompass the mood of your material is a stealthy sales tactic. A banner with daisies, though delightful, isn't necessarily going to sell your book about carburetors. A banner of classic cars, however, would be better suited to this type of book.


A Few Notes about Customizing


When uploading a banner, remember that it needs to be no larger than 100 KBs. You can size this as 750 pixels x 75 pixels and alter the resolution if needed to make it meet this size. Once you upload your banner, it will show beneath the uploading option. To upload, simply click on "Save Changes." If you prefer to upload an eStore background, this should also be no more than 100 KB.


The actual Continue Shopping link will not show on your eStore if you include Continue Shopping text. Customers will be able to click on the Continue Shopping text on the eStore to visit the provided URL. The below screenshots show how you'd set up your eStore in your account and what the finished product looks like.

(click on images to enlarge) estore form.jpg custom estore.jpg


Discount Codes


Under the option to edit your eStore, you will see a section titled "Discount Code Management." If you have a promotional campaign or a bookstore buying in bulk, discount codes can be used to provide price cuts to preferred customers.


Read through the discount code information carefully, noting you will need to create your codes prior to actually assigning them an amount. The CreateSpace system automatically generates these codes. You will not be able to create your own numerical code by typing this in.


Under the "Discount Type," you can opt to give a discount via percentage or dollar amount. You will enter the created code and then select either dollar or percentage. Then enter in the amount. Upon clicking "Save Changes," your code will become tied to the amount you entered. You can then give this code to targeted customers. These customers enter the discount code next to "Apply Discount" while checking out, and the lower price appears in their cart.


A note-worthy piece of information: Using a discount code reduces the selling price, and therein affects the royalties you earn. When using a discount code, your royalties are calculated like this:

(List Price - Discount Amount) - 20% of New List Price - Fixed Fee per book = Royalties Earned


When it comes to customizing your eStore, you have decisions aplenty. While reflecting over your possible options, remember that you can view your experiment by visiting your eStore page at It will be listed as "Title URL" on the page where you make your customizations.


Kelly loves her CreateSpace team and the authors who fuel the indie publishing process. She is passionate about ISBNs, margins, and the artistic endeavors of the writers who scamper across her desk.


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