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Get More Twitter Followers in 6 Minutes a Day

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Get More Twitter Followers in 6 Minutes a Day

By Joel Friedlander

If you're like lots of other authors, you might feel a bit conflicted about Twitter's social media service. On one hand, you know that Twitter has become something more than another social network. It has started to function as the information network of choice for more and more millions of people.


These days, you even see Twitter feeds on television, and journalists, politicians and celebrities make use of Twitter's ability to communicate quite a lot in just 140 characters.


You know it's a great place to be to interact with readers and colleagues. And with more and more people joining, you also know it's a great place to promote your book, your blog and your other activities.


But on the other hand, it can be confusing and a bit overwhelming when you first get started.


For one thing, there are lots of people just like you who already seem to have hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of followers. How will you ever catch up?


The Party's Just Getting Started


Don't worry about being late to the Twitter party; this service will be growing for years to come. To make it easier, I've got a simple, effective method you can use to build an engaged following of fans in just a few minutes a day.


This method is built around knowing both your own readers and the people who have already become successful in your niche, and who are active on Twitter. Let's look at each stage of this preparation so we know we're starting off on the right foot:


1.    Know something about your readers. For this method, you may only need to know what kind of books they like to read, but in general, you can never know too much about the people who make up the market for your books.

2.    Know some writers who represent where you'd like to be when you become successful writing the kind of books you want to write.

3.    Find some of those writers who are active on Twitter. Some of these people will have blogs, some will have e-mail lists, and all of these things may become important to you further down the road.


But that's it for now. Next, let's see how these elements come together into a simple strategy to explode your own Twitter following in just a few minutes a day.


Following the Leaders, Following the Followers


Okay, here's the plan. It's simple, and I've broken it down into steps for you.


1.    Search for the writers you've identified

2.    Go to their profile and click on the "Followers" link

3.    Set a timer for 6 minutes

4.    Scroll through the follower list looking for "reader-type" people who are following your writer. Ignore:

-      business accounts of any kind

-      accounts with the words "social media" anywhere in the person's bio

-      accounts with no photo of a person's face

5.    Click the "follow" button on the other, regular people

6.    When the timer goes off, quit for the day


This is what's going to happen: you'll find that you can do this quite quickly, and in 6 minutes you'll be able to follow at least 30 people, and probably more.


Over the next few days, you'll find that 15 to 20 of these people will follow you back. My clients often build a follower list of 1,500 people in 6 to 8 weeks of starting this practice.


But keep in mind, this isn't about numbers. What we're doing is trying to find the people most likely to be interested in our books, regardless of the subject. Then, we let the human tendency to reciprocate when someone "compliments" us in some way - like following us on Twitter - come into play. It's just natural to do it, especially if you seem to be part of the same community.


Knowing this, you'll want to make sure your own Twitter profile is what it should be, considering you now understand what role it plays. Your profile, including your photo, should clearly indicate the value you contribute and who is most likely to benefit from it. This allows people to qualify themselves into your community of followers. And that's why this list will be engaged when you carry through on the promise made by your profile.


Of course, if you keep doing this 6 minutes a day, a year from now you could be one of those people who, today, seems so far out of reach. Wouldn't that be something?


This article was written exclusively for CreateSpace by Joel Friedlander. Joel is a paid contributor and the proprietor of Marin Bookworks in San Rafael, California, a publishing services company where he's helped launch many self-published authors. He blogs about book design, writing and self-publishing at Joel is also the founder of, where he provides tools and services for authors who publish their own books.


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