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Posted by JadeUltra Dec 14, 2018

Simply, our body, organs, ketozin muscles and brain can use either glucose or ketones for fuel. It is the function of the liver and pancreas (primarily) to regulate that fuel supply and they show a strong bias toward sticking with glucose. Glucose is the 'preferred' fuel because it is derived in abundance from the diet and readily available readily from liver and muscle stores. Ketones have to be deliberately synthesised by the liver; but the liver can easily synthesise glucose (a process known as 'gluconeogenesis' that uses amino acids (protein) or other metabolic intermediaries) too.

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EdbMails Exchange migration tool is the right choice for Exchange migration to office 365 . It migrates mailboxes from Exchange server to Office 365 without any data loss. It is the best solution to remove risk and uncertainty from your Exchange Migration to Office 365 .


Exchange Migration


The key features include :

1. Intuitive user interface

2.True incremental migration

3. Migration of Emails, Calendars, contacts, journals, tasks etc.

4. Exchange 2010 to office 365 migration

5. Facility to load  mailbox CSV file  for the missing mailboxes in the list

6. Display of mailbox folder items count

7. Exclude folder facility

8. Public folder and archive mailbox migration

9. 24*7 technical support with free of cost


Visit :

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EdbMails Exchange Migration tool is one of the best solution for migrating mailboxes from Exchange to Exchange or Exchange Migration to Office 365. It will migrate all the mail items including E-Mails, calendars, journals, tasks, notes etc. It will also supports public folders and archive mailboxes. You can migrate mailboxes of any size.


Exchange Migration


Key Features are:

  1. True incremental migration
  2. Highly Secured migration
  3. Maintaining original folder structure
  4. Upgrade Exchange 2010 to 2016
  5. Exchange 2010 to 2016 migration
  6. Exchange 2010 to office 365 migration
  7. Granular Migration
  8. NO Outlook, Exchange services or Active Directory dependency
  9. Display of Mailbox items count
  10. Automatic mapping of mailboxes
  11. Exclude folder facility
  12. Supporting almost all exchange versions


EdbMails is installed directly on the source server and doesn't involve the use of any third party cloud platforms or services during the migration process. With EdbMails, all your data goes directly from source server to the destination server. As there is no third party intermediary involved, all your credentials and important information is safe.


EdbMails ensures a 1:1 copy of the source mailboxes at the target servers. It doesn’t modify or omit any data present in the source server. This makes sure that users can continue to access the mailbox data even when the migration is going on. As the data in original mailboxes remain untouched, It ensures a reliable and risk free migration.


Visit :

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Exchange migration to office 365 is a quite challenging task . The tool should  safe guard  data integrity as data got corrupted often during the migration. EdbMails Exchange migration to office 365 tool provides a risk free  environment for migration of Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 server.


Exchange Migration


The key  features  include:

1. Highly reliable and risk free

2. Very simple and easy user interface

3. No duplication of items i.e true incremental

4. Public and archive mailboxes migration

5. No  limitation on size of mailboxes

6. Selective item migration

7. Exclude folder facility

7. Fully secured and safe migration

8. Zero down time.

Free trial version of Exchange to Office 365 Migration tool allows you to freely migrating  30 items per each and every folder from Exchange Server mailboxes  to Office 365 without any data change.

Visit :

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EdbMails  Exchange  Migration tool provides an easy way for Exchange 2010 to 2016 migration . The software migrates source mailboxes  like Exchange mailboxes, Office 365 mailboxes, into  Exchange, Office 365  destination. It  also migrates Exchange, Office 365 public folder and archive mailboxes into another  Exchange, Office 365 public folder and archive mailboxes.


Exchange Migration



Key features of the software include:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • True incremental migration without duplicates
  • Individual as well as multiple mailbox migration
  • No restriction on mailbox size
  • Mailbox folders item count
  • Automatic and manual mapping method to map  source mailbox with target mailbox
  • Exclude folders facility
  • Free trial for user verification
  • Lifetime free technical support

For more  details visit :


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The problem is when the biochemicals packed up and took off your body shut viantis advanced blend down the channels that deliver them to their source within the penis. This can be easily rectified by increasing blood flow to your penis by following a simple exercise regime. Once you have done this the biochemicals will start working for you again and the added inches will just pile on. There are no miracles with the natural enlargement method just simple and straight forward biology that has delivered results for you once and will do the same again.

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Hello.  I have a new book coming out in a couple of months and I just wanted to tell you about it.  Roly Poly finds himself in trouble.  His friends, the monkeys, run to his father to come and help him.  When his father sees what the monkeys were talking about he gathers up the herd and alerts them to make the babies safe.  Roly Poly's new friend is a lion but he soon finds out that lions are now their friends but their enemies.  I hope your children loves this book.  I hope you enjoy it too!!

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Amazon’s Kindle platform allows for self-publishing your book which is a great way for new authors to make their presence felt at optimum cost. Learn about proven ways for best results.


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As an author I would love to be able to see the purchasers info.


It just makes sense to be able to market to a "hot" market, no?


Besides, we'd all sell more books and EVERYbody would make more money, right????


C'mon KDP/Amazon... Createspace?.... Afterall, I am your customer.

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I am an artist from Chicago.


I created the characters Robot and Puppy a few years ago and finally have turned it into something.


Robot and Puppy: The Coloring Book #1.


Robot and Puppy go on adventures in each illustration. Some are fun and cute. Others can be more intense.


Check it out. Thank you



Amaon Link
Other Free Coloring Pages


Thanks Again!!

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I am unable to figure out the new Createspace policy that cuts the author's royalty options.  It appears that Createspace is going away and then the option is to self-publish on KDP at a much lower royalty.  Can anyone shed any light on this complication?

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My book centers around my grandfather, who embezzled money from his employer (Honeywell) in the 1930's. I'm using Honeywell's name, but changed my grandfather's last name. I think I've been careful to not make Honeywell look bad, but I had to fictionalize the details of how he did it, so the book is part fact/part fiction. He got caught and went to prison for it, so that part is fact. I know anyone can sue anyone for anything, but I read somewhere that the First Amendment protects writers from being sued if something is true. My mother thinks I should change the company's name to something generic or that has gone out of business. I'm trying to stick to the facts. What are the legalities here?

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Hello there.... in Introduce Yourself

Posted by Jamesdave Sep 15, 2018

Hey guys, I am a new member here and just wanted to start by saying hello to you all. Thanks for letting me in though.


Kind regards

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Debts in Independent Female

Posted by IrisJeanette Sep 14, 2018

When people cannot control themselves and stop making babies that they do not have money for, then that hurts us all.  There are very few women who can manage even two kids and really care for them and produce independent adults.  People levy illegal taxes just like the government does.  In my case, people absolutely refused to respect even my basic civil rights and would not stop demanding help, sex, and money under those circumstances.   See Iris Cooke,

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Hello guys. My books are for sale. Please check out my search at UCHENNA AKWARA on Amazon and give me your feedbacks , reviews, rating, and comments.please guys get your self a copy

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