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Posted by rsdf32 Jun 16, 2018
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IntelliBoost IQ.  Enhance your brainpower with Herbs and Superfoods famend for their advantages to the brain. It could even be useful for enhancing mind function in individuals with delicate dementia or Alzheimer's ( 47 , 48 , forty nine , 50 , fifty one , fifty two ). Mind Boosters offers you with quite a few sources that may enhance your intelligence in just 20 minutes each day. It's also the part involved with duties like muscle control, sensory perception, reminiscence and decision-making — allowing the yoga practice to protect the brain from some age-associated cognitive declines. The reminiscence points may be particularly bad in older people who are depressed-so much so that it's typically mistaken for dementia. Prevents , reminiscence and psychological perform, particularly with Alzheimers and related circumstances.

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Can You REALLY Eliminate All the Technical Aspects of Your Marketing, Put the Best Marketers Online to Do the Selling for You... And Get Paid 100% Commission All the While?


Honestly, I have spent endless hours on the net promoting a business of mine in the past. Yes, I had some success, but not in  close to what I feel I deserved, or to the extend that I have now with this valuable knowledge that I so much needed, a viral blogging platform and a pure bonus second stream income that I got with Luminary V!

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I've spent the last hours reading template discussions for Indesign with CS but I'm not on track yet.


My book has 60 pages, full bleed images but no 2-page image spreads.


If I set InDesign Document Setup settings to


Facing Pages checked


Bleeds 0.125 on all 4 sides


the spread shown in the workspace doesn't actually show the inside bleed


and when I export the PDF to CS, its Review Robot complains: This image does not bleed far enough outside the trim zone. For best results, images should bleed at least 1/8" of an inch off of the page.


If I set the inside bleed to zero, the same thing happens



I don't see an option for InDesign to have workspace that allows me to see individual pages, showing the inside bleed marks


What's the fix? Should I change the setup to unselect Facing Pages? Or should I set the page size to be the trim size plus the bleed areas?


thanks all!!!


just did a test... adobe PDF output doesn't include the bleed area...

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Hey everyone! 


Welcome to my first blog post.  I am Songwriter, Musician Brady Wade.  I have been writing music since I was 12 years old, but started to write my memoirs about 2 years ago with my wife and manager,  Erin Wade.  We're excited to announce that we should have the book done and ready to publish by the end of 2018! 


I am excited to hear other Author's (and Musicians) success stories using Create Space as their publishing platform.  If you have any comments or suggestions on how to get success using this as a launching pad, We would LOVE to get your feedback and tips. 

Cheers to your Success!  Brady and Erin Wade


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When a writer envisions publishing their book, the scene in their head typically involves holding a physical copy of a newly printed book. While it’s a great image, it’s not the only way that authors become published. In fact, there’s an easier, cheaper, and arguably more beneficial way.



eBook conversions can serve an independent author just as much, if not more, than a printed book. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe that authors should sell print books. A majority of readers still prefer holding a physical book as they read, and you must produce what readers want. But I do believe, and the industry agrees, that it’s absolutely necessary to offer eBooks as well as print books.



Here’s why an eBook conversion is your best friend …



Cost to Publish

When you elect to publish print books, you can mass print hundreds of books at a lower production cost in the hopes they will eventually sell, or you can use print-on-demand to print each book order as it is placed. Regardless, printing a book can be expensive for indie authors who don’t always have a large budget to work with.



eBook publishing, however, you pay for one or two eBook files and that’s it. There’s the Mobi file, which is compatible with the Amazon Kindle. Then there’s the ePUB file, which is compatible with all other eReaders. Learn more about the differences between Mobi and ePUB files from our informational blog post here. Whether you convert you book into both an ePub and a Mobi file, or just one of the two, an eBook conversion is a very cost-efficient way to make your title available to millions of readers worldwide.





One of the challenges of traditional publishing is the timeline. It often takes months and even years once the manuscript is finished before the book actually hits the market. Self-publishing an eBook is as simple as it gets. Once your manuscript is written, edited, and finalized, your title can be converted and made available in the marketplace in as little as five business days.



Here’s how simple it is:



Upload your manuscript.



Select the eBook file(s) to convert your manuscript into.

eBooks2go or another eBook conversion service provider converts the manuscript into your selected eBook file(s).

Choose the retailers to distribute through.


BOOM! Now readers all around the world can buy your book.


Global Reach

Worldwide eBook distribution is only clicks away. Today, more books are purchased online than in stores. This makes the eBook market the perfect opportunity to reach people globally. As an indie author, you have several options for distributing your book. One being to join forces with a distribution service that already has partnerships with retailers in place, giving you access to any and all of their retail partners. Your book then becomes readily available to many of the largest and most prominent online retailers in the world.


eBooks2go offers worldwide distribution in over 200 countries at no upfront cost (however we do receive 10% of the royalties from sales). With our distribution network, your book would be distributed through Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, hoopla, EBSCO, OverDrive, and many other large retailers and libraries.



Price Flexibility


As a new author hungry for any opportunity to develop your author name, you’re always looking to build and grow your readership. eBooks offer a less expensive way for readers to buy your book. If they’ve never heard of you and haven’t read any of your work before, the cheaper your book is priced, the more likely readers are to test it out.



The common industry standard is to have eBooks priced about 30 percent under the price of a paperback copy. However, you also have the power to change the price of the eBook as you wish. Since you aren’t dependent on covering the cost of printing, you have the ability to maneuver the price of your eBook, depending on how sales are going. One common strategy is to run a promotion that lowers the price of their eBook to 99 cents. Once the book gains momentum and its demand increases, the ends the promotion and raises the price.



Free Giveaways


With eBooks you’re able to offer free giveaways for a limited time or for a specific amount of books. Again, with the only expense being the initial conversion, you have added flexibility. The strategy here is to increase your readership and gain online reviews. When your book gains reviews your search ranking in online bookstores improves. You also start to encourage word-of-mouth marketing, which continues to be extremely effective.


A simple way to offer giveaways is through Goodreads and Apple iBooks. Hosting giveaways on Goodreads allows you to select the giveaway’s details, such as the amount of books to giveaway, the time period for the giveaway, and how the winners are chosen. With Apple iBooks, you are given free promo codes to send out to up to 50 readers. You can even create book contests to generate more engagement and excitement.



Improved Reading Experience


Print books are awesome, but they can only offer so much for the reader. Electronic books on the other hand can be much more personalized for a specific reader to improve their experience. There are two different eBook formats: fixed layout and reflowable.


Fixed layout is similar to a print book: the content on each page is set in place and cannot be altered. But a reflowable eBook allows a reader to change certain aspects of the eBook such as font type, font size, spacing, and more. As the reader chooses their preferences, the eBook then seamlessly rearranges each page to flow properly. 


You are also able to add in different enhancements and features depending on your book and its characteristics. For example, you can add internal and external hyperlinks, video, audio, read along, animation, and much more to turn reading into an interactive and even hands-on experience for your readers.


Reader Convenience


While a majority of readers still prefer print books, that doesn’t mean eBooks are unnecessary. Many people who prefer print still read eBooks because of their availability (me, for example).



When someone has a few minutes of free time, an eBook makes it possible to pull out a book and read a few pages on a variety of mobile devices, no matter where they are. The convenience of having a book in your pocket at all times is reason enough for many readers. And if there is reason for the reader to read it, there is reason for you to produce it.


So when you picture your book at last becoming published, envision your scene in a more digital way with an eBook. Imagine the heights your book dreams can reach! Start your eBook conversion today!




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Groups in Independent Female

Posted by IrisJeanette Jun 3, 2018

Different groups of people are different contrary to what white people I have met have said.  Scott Throw wrote an excellent book depicting different kinds of black people entitled Sins of our Fathers.  Black people are the least understood group of people.  See Iris Cooke,

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We are working on an e-book version that will allow people to see how the gambling world works.

We hope you will enjoy our extensive guide on how to get started and understand the betting world.

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