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Jan 3, 2012 1:46 PM

Banding Streaks or Stitching lines?

In, the example showing stitching lines look a lot like banding streaks that have been reported during the year.


According to Adobe,, white lines (similar to banding streaks) don't print, but black lines could. However:


The PDF's were produced how? Don't know. What were the Transparency Flattener settings? Don't know. What does CS's presses/RIP do?  Don't know. Is it possible that some of the banding streaks are related to stitching problems?


It is hard to check back because, at least for me, the search feature is limited these days.  My recollection is that these specific complaints started this year. New presses, new pressmen, new profiles . . . new problems?



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5. Feb 22, 2012 5:37 PM in response to: walton
Re: Banding Streaks or Stitching lines?

I'm going around this forum trying to be heard! What can be done about cover curling problems? How can we call ourselves pros (we earn money although the sales price may often feel like we're giving our work away--Oh yeah! Sometimes there's that too.) but our books are curling, lamination separating, printed crookedly --all of which CS may fix if we scream loud enough, but what about the unsuspecting who actually purchase our product?? Or at least a product that bears our name out there on the cover--not CS's! What must be their opinion of us? Fot the answer to that, check out just how much they scorn us.


Talk about time for the revolution. They give us free proofs to keep us quiet. Like stopping a child's bad behavior with cookies. Cure's worse than the disease.

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Good morning, Walton. I'm glad you are monitoring this thread and got my note on it.


First, I'm sorry I didn't ever complain about banding, but I didn't even know what it was/is and thankfully never ran across it in my books!


But your explanation went a long way to explaining about the curl. Newman! Not Alfred E. but the guy on Seinfeld--he's the culprit!


And it was 9 copies, not five. And I didn't notice the curl until I took them out of the box where I usually leave them until needed. And the one I put at the Arts & Humanities Council (of all the places for it to happen!) curled wide enough to read the first cover page [sorry I forget the name: the one with just the one line title]. I tried reversing the curl--after I brought the book home and now it curls less but it's working on going up! I put another book of the same batch out on its front cover--face down--and now the back cover is curling up. Unfortunately I sent copies out to the winners of my Goodreads giveaway--which should garner me great reviews!! Not.


And I checked and you're right. It has to do with the batch. I just ordered a new 6 copies and although in the packing box, they have a slight "hump" in the cover, when I left one out overnight, it flattened itself out and--so far!--hasn't curled. Actually I wasn't going to tempt Mother Nature (since CS puts all the blame on her) by leaving it out, so it's back in the box.


Then I checked the corner that hits the packing box and as another poster complained, the corner of the front cover is bent up and almost torn.


Can't win for losing with CS it appears! They should know better--when I packed some fragile glasses to send to my dtr., the man at the PO said to be very careful not to let any edge touch the corner of the box. So I put a "collar" of paper and bubble wrap in the box first. CS uses a lot of paper, just never in the box corners!


So now I'll have to see about exchanging the copies I sent out free? And there's the new postage to consider. Maybe I should try to get CS to send the new ones to the winners! What do you suggest I do about those copies?


I'll have to call CS--AGAIN--and see, do I have to return the bad copies?? Then what, all but two of them are gone!



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Oct 10, 2011

I tried to send a reply but the post message button refused me!


Here is what I tried to send:



Well, Walton, this takes the stale King Cake. [Mardi Gras just having happened this past Tues.]


I just talked to CS and they will "be glad to send new copies if I know how many." I'm sure they'll be glad to replace the only two I have any knowledge of!!


And (I'm not screaming but emphasing!) IT IS GOING TO COST ME another $50--READ IT: FIFTY DOLLARS--total! Because I used them for my Goodreads giveaway, not dreaming I had to leave them out on my dining room table for 3-4 days to make sure they didn't curl--which the rep suggested was my fault for not "checking" them first! Cover Curl?? Who ever thought the blasted covers would curl like oysters just out of the shell???


Not only that they are still in transit to the winners (and one other person) and Goodreads makes it a rule to ban you from their site should you get in touch personally with any of the winners! Besides which it cost me about $24 in postage to mail them--with confirmation--not to mention the other three. Plus the mailers to send them in. And now even if CS will deign to replace them, they'll only send them to me!! Since I placed the original order! So it means I have to go to double the expense to replace them because OF CREATESPACE'S MISTAKE.


You'd think at least they'd send the books to the other people. But they wanted to know NOW. And how in hades can I know anything NOW with them still in transit to the winners?


I'm ready to pull my book. After all the work, after all the expense to have it done professionally because I'm proud of what I wrote and wanted it to look professional not INDIE published! Then this...Is it any wonder we who self-publish have such a bad reputation? And what of people who unknowingly buy the blasted things?


Do you know any re-course short of the lawyers to this? And of course it's not worth a lawyer's fee. Unless we could get a class action suit going.


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Oct 10, 2011

Surely you aren't suggesting I mail each one in a beer cooler!


Although it's not funny. Sending out bad copies to winners in Goodreads giveaway opens the door to lots of bad mouthing--that is deserved if the copies they received are as bad as the one I replaced yesterday.


It's truly not a laughing matter to me.


Nor should it be to anyone who used CreateSpace!!


And their refusal to do anything but make lame excuses instead of changes for YEARS doesn't speak well for them. LuLu lost a lot of customers because of their do/care nothing policy--CS is heading for the same cliff, imo.


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Oct 10, 2011

I'm still going to insist that they replace at least 6 of them. And I couldn't find any padded envelopes the right size so I made my own.


Each book I mailed out went tightly wrapped and taped in bubble wrap. And the manila envelope also had tape reinforcement.


I hope they don't give me trouble at CS!!


And I hope you're right about the recepients being forgiving. Thing is-the CS rep was already asking me the date of the shipment--it's a well-known fact that those who accuse others of dishonesty are often the most dishonest of all!


I suppose I'll have to let the six new copies I got yesterday also sit out and see what happens. As I told you, I left one out overnight and it seems ok.


It really is a bad feeling not to be able to trust someone (CS) who should be the most trustworthy!


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Oct 10, 2011

Walton, what is a reasonable time to expect to have to wait to get an email confirming that they are indeed going to replace the 7 curling cover books? It's been several hours and no "how did we do" letter nor anything to say that the guy wasn't just blowing me off.



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