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15. Mar 12, 2012 6:03 AM in response to: hochocho
Re: RGB vs CMYK for full color cover

User defined . . . as in control colors.  Areas of specific CMYK colors?  The answer should be yes. Up until recently, all my tests showed remarkable consistency, whether the work was RGB or CMYK.  Now . . . or for now . . . it may be a crap shoot.


I would say that if you want specific colors, you work in CMYK. Period. Any time, any place, any printer: give them CMYK art for this.


However, as I have often shown, specific colors are not always what they appear to be:

There are only 3 colors in this JPG: yellow, blue, and one green, not 2 greens. You should see 4 colors.  You can do this with lots of colors and with grayscale too. So don't think your art is immune. I nearly lost my job over process cyan, which didn't look like process cyan because of simultaneous contrast.



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16. Mar 12, 2012 6:40 AM in response to: walton
Re: RGB vs CMYK for full color cover

I appreciate the example.


The cover I'm working on is very basic in this respect -- red letters against white background. Optical effects, I hope, won't interfere too much.


As for "user defined" -- what I mean is this. Say you have RGB and CMYK values for the same "color". So there's nothing subjective in the process -- you are recreating a color used in advertising, for example, and you have the separate corporate RGB and CMYK values.


If I go CMYK, I can assume that by the time it comes out hard copy, the color will be correct.

However, the screen displayed color (especially on uncalibrated displays) will come out different.


To my mind, if you could do a RGB preview JPEG with correct colors, and an actual PDF in CMYK intended for printing, you would have the proper colors displayed in both cases: online marketing and in print.


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