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Apr 14, 2012 4:41 PM

Making a hardcover copy of your book!!!

Hey guys! Can anyone tell me a good place to make a hardcover copy of my novel? I don't believe CS does it, so I'm wondering how I could go about making  few copies without breaking the bank. Any suggestions would be apprecied? Thanks!

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1. Apr 14, 2012 4:54 PM in response to: AlexB
Re: Making a hardcover copy of your book!!!

CS will do hard covers through their Enterprise service but ONLY for author copies (no distribution) and there is an initial setup fee prior to printing. If your just looking for a few copies for friends and family I would check LuLu, they do hardcovers with no setup fee though the author copies are more expensive than CS. If you are looking to do full distribution of hardcovers take a look at Lightning Source.


R. C.

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3. Apr 16, 2012 7:48 AM in response to: AlexB
Re: Making a hardcover copy of your book!!!

We have a small book binder of our own that we use to produce very small numbers of both Perfect Bound paperbacks, and the internal binding of Hardback books. Once the internals are finished we put them through another small finishing machine to fix the hard backs to the internals, but the whole process is very slow, around only 80 books per hour as an average, so we only use it all for very tiny hardback book binding runs as 'Special Edition' Leather bound hardcovers for instance that are sold at very high prices.


I bought all the equipment in from China a couple or so years ago now for around $6.000, but it's more than paid for itself long ago, as the guy who does all our book binding turns out small runs of perfect bound books for outside contracting from it for us, as there is no other binding services closer to us than over 1200 Km away, so anyone within that distance HAS to come to us or go the distance to get it done elsewhere, but when they only want a couple of hundred or so books bound at a time it would cost them a great deal more than we charge them.


The machine can bind book thicknesses anywhere between a minimum of 30 sheets of paper, and up to 50mm thickness of book, and the largest size it can handle is an A4 sized book in portrait form, and anything down so as small as a 50mm square miniature book.


I go play with it sometimes just for the fun of doing so, but I'm so slow at working with it I'd never make a cent in profit, it'd probably cost me to work for someone else at doing it if I had to do all the binding lol.


In straight perfect binding for standard novel book sizes the guy who works our machine turns out around 220 books per hour, and he's no spring chicken at 78 years of age, so that's good going I think for a semi manual binding machine.


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