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15. Apr 21, 2012 5:50 AM in response to: Nick_Baer
Re: Pro Plan Renewal Fees Waived Through 2012

Before the ProPlan was dropped, there were posts here about how CS should have advanced the author/publisher the cost of the ProPlan and deducted it from their sales, or how the ProPlan represented the worst, basest, capitalistic tendency of rank corporate greed . . . .


For most people, the cost of the ProPlan was paid for after buying 10-20 books.


I think the p-o-d model is good, and with CS it is fair and equitable . . . everyone wins!  How is it not . . . from start to finish . . .  no membership or upload, the most liberal submission guidelines (e.g., no 240% TAC limit, no PDF/X compliant only, etc.), some of the lowest p-o-d costs, good quality . . . where is it not fair?  The ProPlan was a great idea, it was not mandatory.  Having no ProPlan is a greater idea!


As for three years ago . . .



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16. Apr 21, 2012 7:29 AM in response to: walton
Re: Pro Plan Renewal Fees Waived Through 2012

I had no problem paying the $39 Pro Plan fee but I'm happy to see it's been dropped to $25.


In all my dealings with CS, they have proved supportive and a good company to deal with. From my personal experience, and from what I've read on this forum, CS does everything it can to meet members' needs. Obviously it can't do 100% of what so many members ask for, but the fact that it tries inspires confidence.

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17. Apr 21, 2012 9:48 AM in response to: CreateSpaceLee
Re: Pro Plan Renewal Fees Waived Through 2012

There are 2 parts to CS, and they are very different,


Books vx DVDs.


I do half and half.


Procedures and support are night and day different. Great for books, nitpicky for DVDs - especially the printed artwork that wraps around a retail DVD case.


Although, I've more often - 99% - been pleased with a DVD proof, than I have with photo books printing too green or grainey, or off center, or ragged, or images stretched vertically.


As for Expanded Distribution, which I prefer to call it, rather than Pro Plan, there is no such equivalent on the DVD side of the house, eventhough the same wholesalers, libraries and academics that use EDC for books, also buy DVDs.


My biggest gripe with EDC is how it has negatively messed up searches on Google and others, by flooding result pages with entry after entry for supposed on-line stores that sell my books, but really don't when it comes right down to it.


Eventhough I want e.g. Ingrahm to sell my CS books to libraries and academics, I'd prefer to block the virtual book joints that just confuse consumers with wildly higher prices, and garbage sites.


Now, let's get my DVDs into Ingrahm. I've been asking for 2 of the 3 years EDC has been around.


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