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15. Sep 2, 2012 2:48 PM in response to: AJWMedia
Re: indesign templates

I stand by my theory that anyone requiring an inDesign template should not be using the software to layout their book, InDesign layouts can be beautiful but amateur work in inDesign ends up far worse than average work in other software. To effectively use the tool you need to learn all aspects of it and the only way to do so is by experimenting with your files instead of trying to start with a template.


That said does have templates if you are set on going that way


R. C.

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16. Sep 2, 2012 3:05 PM in response to: R.C.
Re: indesign templates

LOL I think the templetes I've seen so far are crap. I will just use my design skills and do it from scratch. I learned how to do a magazine that way, and folked loved it. My cover is always created for one book. Did that in photoshop, now on to this ebook.

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17. Sep 2, 2012 4:52 PM in response to: DesireSuccess
Re: indesign templates

Thanks so much exactly what I wanted.... changed out!



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18. Feb 9, 2013 10:52 AM in response to: oddstick
Re: indesign templates

The key on the interior formatting (so far!) are a couple of settings:  one in Document Setup and on the export to PDF.  Also, the text cannot be too close.


From Laurie Cassell's post on :


We wanted to produce a full-color 8 1/2? X 11? book with bleed edges.  We used Adobe InDesign  CS5 software because we like it a lot.  But the problem is that the book  layout took a number of iterations. We’re still not fully there, but I  thought it might be helpful to share some of the settings we used.


“Full-bleed images should extend at least 0.125? beyond the book’s trim line on the top, bottom and outer edges. “


This had to do with our images.  Some of these were simply the  rectangles we placed at the top and bottom of the pages.  Many were  lined up on the edge and CreateSpace caught these.  But also, the  Document Setup needed to have the correct bleed settings.



(Don’t forget to export with the right settings also, see below).


“The interior doesn’t have sufficient margins for printing. For a  book with [x] pages, the gutter (inside) margin requirement is 0.75?.”


This was again the text appearing too close to the edge on the  inside.  CreateSpace uses the term gutter, but in InDesign this is the  inside margin.


“The interior doesn’t have sufficient outside margins for  printing which could result in content being trimmed when printed, for  example, PDF page(s): x. The outside, top, and bottom margin  requirements are 0.25?. To access our specifications”


This turned out to be how close the text was on the page.  We went  through the entire book and looked at the inside margin (where the book  is bound) and the outside margin.  Since there was going to be a bleed  edge, we had to make sure that it was going to be 0.25? from the actual  (8 1/2? X 11?) edge.  Graphics didn’t matter for this error, just the  text.  We did this by hand because we had an existing InDesign document.


When you export the final PDF, you need to make sure that your



We still have some issues.  There is white space near the bound side of the page.  This is maybe the version we are on.


I’ll update this as we have more information.


More at


Hope this helps.


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