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60. Mar 1, 2013 10:34 AM in response to: rkhw4
Re: New CreateSpace Interior Reviewer!

Dear Friend,


RE: Spaces between paragraphs in Microsoft Word


The space between paragraphs is probably due to the "paragraph" setting in Microsoft Word.  In Word, every paragraph (or sentence separated by using the Enter key on your keyboard) is assigned a paragraph style.  Usually, it is called the "Normal" style.  To see if this is your issue:

(1) Open a new document;

(2) Type a short paragraph.

(3) Hit the Enter key;

(4) Type another short paragraph.


Now, move the cursor over the first paragraph and click anywhere inside that paragraph to place the cursor in it.

Then, click the right mouse key and select "Paragraph."

Now, in the Paragraph pop-up menu that appears, select the box at the bottom of the menu that says, "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style," and choose okay.  The space between paragraphs disappears!


If you have two paragraphs of different styles, do the same thing, but in the Paragraph pop-up menu, under "Spacing," select "After" and change the numeric value to "0 pt" and choose Okay.

(5) Now, you are set to fix your Word document. I hope this helps you.


Steven Signor,

PS.  If you would do me a favor, please read my preview at the following link and leave feedback--Thanks!

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61. Apr 11, 2013 6:32 AM in response to: Nick_Name
Re: New CreateSpace Interior Reviewer!

After working with Word for years, and years, and years, and ok since it first came out, and having worked with virtually all other word processing programs, and published books, pamphlets, newspapers, and all other descriptions of work, I have one solid piece of advice for you:


Get rid of Word.


Open Office is free, stays current, and does everything you need it to. And did I mention it is not a Microsoft product, and does everything you want, and is free.


Pages, the IWork word processor is very poorly thought out, but also does a marvelous job. Took me a year using it to come to that conclusion and I am still learning it, but it is far more elegent than word and papers, MLA and APA, are a snap. Reports, and many other things, are toooo simple to even mention. The books, hard as he*&^%$# until I got it down. Now it is also very easy.


As for saving anything in .doc or docx, don't and don't. As for tech help from CS, non-existent. If you want someone to format your book for you, write me at **********, I will do for you for cheap. Also, if you want to write in IWrite, Apple's ITunes oriented product, that is a true snap as easy as it can get and puts out a fine product.


Good luck.


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62. Apr 10, 2013 5:10 PM in response to: HighSierraPress
Re: New CreateSpace Interior Reviewer!

CS moderators will delete your email address. Better to have people contact you via a private message under the Your Stuff link above.



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