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Oct 21, 2014 3:50 AM

To achieve true sucess, goal setting is an important ingredient.TRUE/FALSE

To achieve your goals in life,is it imperative that you prioritize your goals?

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1. Oct 21, 2014 6:38 AM in response to: Lovelyshade
Re: To achieve true sucess, goal setting is an important ingredient.TRUE/FALSE

That's true! You need a big goal and have to visualise  it to move on your dream. BUT your goal should never be money or material things because: If you reach your goal sometime you will just be happy temporary. Then you set another (much bigger) goal like $10k/month, $15k/month and so on. If you follow such goals you will never be happy. But you live here right now and you have to be happy on every single day! Make the main things you have in your life clear to you because most of the people on this planet have not these main things and chances in life like you. With this attitude you will work with less pressure and it will be easier to reach your goals because: You know that you are already happy right now and nothing in the world can change this. Your fears to lose/fail with a book/don't reach a goal and so on will be blown away.



So my biggest goal is to save my (financial) freedoms and help/entertain other people as much as I can. If I work with this attitude the money comes by itself. Money goals ($10k, $20k or $30k/month) are just small milestones to measure my success but nothing more. I don't focus on the money. Since I have changed my attitude a few years ago I have more financial success than before when I only had the dollars in my eyes.



A strong personality and the right mindset to your business and life is the main key to be successful (and I don't talk about esoteric crap). It is not enough to know about this fact - You have to develop a (strong) personality and that's a process. And a process needs time, experiences and hard work. There are tons of information on the Internet about how you can be a strong personality. YouTube videos, seminars, books and so on - you will learn for your life!


Sry for my bad English but it's not my native language. I hope I could help you. Wish you everything best.


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