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Nov 10, 2014 10:49 AM

Giving Banksy Credit???

lol this is sort of funny but i put a picture in my book that has a special meaning to me and my wife and newborn baby, which happens to be a banksy-style piece. i say banksy-style because its actually a copy off a well known banksy street art piece, but its not 100% exactly the same.


now first of all, i cant imagine that banksy would come forward and reveal his identity to collect the $1 royalty off my 100 sales of this novel anyways, but just to do the right thing here, what is the protocol? am i protected? do i have to give credit and how is that done?


thanks all!

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1. Nov 10, 2014 10:35 PM in response to: chunderbunder
Re: Giving Banksy Credit???

Using graffiti or creating unauthorised derivative works is a breach of copyright, although a lot of infringers ignore this when it comes to Banksy because of the anonyminity issue. If he one day does come forward I imagine he could go after multi million dollar lawsuits and not just the amount people have earned from stealing his work. Apparently he has a spokesperson who may be able to file suit on his behalf -- I don't know if this is admissible but anything is possible since I'm not aware of any precedent.


This is interesting reading, although does not provide any conclusive decisions about the legality of infringing on anonymous artists:


chunderbunder wrote:


but just to do the right thing here, what is the protocol?


Create your own artwork is the most ethical option.





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