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Sep 17, 2008 1:21 PM

Quality Concerns

Hello everyone. I am the new kid on this block. Considering publishing a photography book thru CS, but have no idea if their quality is good enough. I have printed with with good success, but having to use their limited templates is just too painful, so I like that CS will take PDFs.


So I have these questions:


For color books, is the paper coated or uncoated?

Has anyone been totally satisfied with the results in producing similar books?

Wondering why there are no books in the CS Estore

If you sell thru Amazon, is their search engine actually bringing up your book?

Any other issues I need to be aware of?


thanks in advance.

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Sep 9, 2008
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1. Sep 17, 2008 1:36 PM in response to: Willow
Re: Quality Concerns

Paper is uncoated for now, hopefully they will add gloss and coated paper in future.


I have got my colored illustrated poetry book printed.Even though it is not coated, the quality is excellent.

If you want to have a look at their print color quality, then you can have a look at through amazon.


I believe real photos will look great too, just colored photo books might cost a lot as with more number of pages, cost increases.


The CS book estore is not up yet, every book currently has its own estore page.


Through amazon you have to get a good rating with right tags to make your book sell. No body will just search your book unless it is popular or has a high rating.


Now days they have sudden surge of work, just go through many posts on this forums, you will understand the problems and solution everyone is facing and looking for now.


Overall I will publish all my books with CS.

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2. Sep 17, 2008 3:49 PM in response to: WickedSunny
Re: Quality Concerns

I have submitted four titles and gotten past the proof stage on three of them.  In terms of book quality, my batting average is about 50:50, but with some major kudos to CreateSpace.


Details: One of the books has no pictures.  I've received two copies, and the quality was great in both cases.  The other two titles each have dozens of black and white photographs.  In both of those cases, the first proofs came back with great text appearance, but horrible picture quality.  I complained on both, and both times CreateSpace immediately sent a free replacement which had excellent photo quality.


So, I am somewhat nervous.  Not about the text-only book, but about the books-with-photos.  I am worried the quality is going to be uneven and that customers who end up with a crappy copy will come complaining to me, when I have no control over the issue.  But balancing this, I have been VERY encouraged by CreateSpace's prompt and successful efforts to make things right, so I am inclined to roll the dice and see what happens when the books go on sale.


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