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15. Sep 12, 2009 7:00 AM in response to: donwrege
Re: Line Spacing - Single vs. 1.5

What helped me decide font, font size, and line spacing was formatting to the page size I wanted, then printing out a page with the different examples.  You can also cut the paper down to the right page size and slip it into the same size paperback with a slightly bigger page count and that will give you some idea of what it will look like in the finished book.


For my 160 page 6x9 novel,I ended up choosing Georgia 11 pt with 1.2 line spacing, 1" inch inner margin and .6" inch outer based on readability and appearance on the page.  Like others responding here, I like a generous inner margin on books I read because I tend to break the spines otherwise.  I had already decided against Times as a font choice even before I read all the comments on this forum because I didn't think it looked good on the page when it justified.  Because the Times letter spacing is condensed compared to some of the other fonts, it made the justified spacing between words more obvious.


Of course I'm still waiting for my proof to see if I made good choices.


Going back to the original post, one way to answer people who ask how many pages it is, is to give both the page count and the word count.  So for my book, I'd tell them it's 160 pages and about 55,000 words.  That usuallly answers their question (or stuns them into silence).   If they want more info, I can say it's about the length of a typical contemporary romance (like a Harlequin).  Mostly all they want is some reference point.

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16. Sep 12, 2009 6:51 PM in response to: Atlantis
Re: Line Spacing - Single vs. 1.5

Great minds think alike.  I was reading down through this thread, formulating my reply and then found that Atlantis had already said it.  I too format my novel in different fonts, format them to the desired page size and then print out an even and odd page, trim them and put them in the proper sized book of the same type (fiction, non-fiction, etc.).  This really helps me to assess whether my margins, headers, gutter, font type & size, etc. look reasonably professional.


I'm sticking with single spacing as my novel is 370 pages in 5.5 x 8.5 and don't really need to make it any bigger.  I do like having a fairly thick spine so I can make the title big and bold so that it will pop out on the shelf.  At the moment I'm using Georgia and hoping that it will be good for the Kindle version as well as the paperback.


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