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120. Sep 11, 2015 3:12 AM in response to: simo90
Re: ISBN barcode generator

If you're using only CS for print, don't want the price encoded in the barcode, and are happy to have the barcode on the lower right-hand corner of the back cover, you don't need to generate a barcode. CS will place it for you, with the 90000 "no price" already encoded.


IngramSpark also places the barcode on their cover templates (with the 90000 encoding unless you request that they include the price).


So the only reasons you'd need to generate a barcode for CS are 1) if you want to include the retail list price or 2) if you want it placed somewhere other than the lower right-hand corner of a CS-produced book.


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122. Sep 12, 2015 7:47 PM in response to: simo90
Re: ISBN barcode generator

simo90 wrote:


I used it again today to create a second barcode, but this time I put in 90000 for the price since I thought it said to do that if you don't want to include the price. When I created the barcode, it gave me the normal ISBN, but also a price barcode with 90000 as the amount. Hmm, well, I wanted it without that price barcode, so I went back and took off the 90000 and tried to generate the same ISBN without the price barcode, but it said I created too many barcodes for one day, but I can pay for another if I want.

In addition to what other people told you, use of the price add-on barcode is standard in the US market. Certain retailers wanted the cover price encoded; I don't know why. If there's no cover price, use 90000.


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