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Aug 1, 2016 2:53 PM

Can I Sell my own books with my own creative way?

Amazon has changed the whole concept of Book Selling. Before authors had stock of books and sold them in presentations at book shops, private presentations, book fairs, etc.


I think that since the book is virtual (Kindle) or the person can purchase it and get it on paper-print…I as an author and with the purpose of selling my books can do a cybernetic presentation on a friends book store (for example) with an actual visual projection on each of my books (for example ISBN-13: 978-1535216395 (CreateSpace-Assigned)   ISBN-10: 1535216395) and with a question and answer section afterwards relating to the books or about myself as an author (after all people come to books presentation to meet the author) then afterwards sell the book so it can get to the store address and distribute them all in one day and that day I will sign each book for each person.  


I want to know if this kind of event can be permitted by Amazon Books or Kindle and if it can be done what are the steps to follow so not to fall making a big mistake.


I also want to know if this idea has come to anyone mind.






Sincerely MasterLaster

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1. Aug 2, 2016 4:01 AM in response to: MasterLaster
Re: Can I Sell my own books with my own creative way?

If you want to sell a kindle then use Amazon.

If you want to sell a paperback at fairs etc then produce one on CS ...yea here CS ...


It's not just a forum for Q&A.


I had a creative way in the garden once, but the bridge over the stream broke, now I don't know where to walk for inspitation..



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2. Aug 2, 2016 11:24 AM in response to: MasterLaster
Re: Can I Sell my own books with my own creative way?

You can buy as many author copies of your book (link HERE) as you want to own and you can sell them in any way that you desire, whether that be while riding a bicycle up and down Main Street, standing at stop lights and trying to get people who are stopped to buy your book, selling them out of your garage, out of the trunk of your car, selling them while standing on the sidewalk in front of Barnes & Noble!  Of course, B & N might come out and have a word with you, the city might tell you that you need some kind of license to sell or whatever.  Anyway - it's your book, author copies are your property, sell them as you wish in your own creative way!




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