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15. Mar 24, 2017 5:41 PM in response to: GoffBooks
Re: Cannot upload custom cover PDF file?  Help!

You said:


I have been wroking on the file all day.  I hae opened it in multiple different programs


That kind of doesn't make sense.  If it is a PDF file it will NOT open in multiple different programs, only those programs which can open PDF files, which are not so very common so that one would probably say what you said.


Why have you been working on the file all day?  Doing what?  Saving it in what?  This whole thing is beginning to make less and less sense, at least to me.  I have no more help to give you, sorry.



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16. Mar 24, 2017 6:35 PM in response to: GoffBooks
Re: Cannot upload custom cover PDF file?  Help!

I click browse, select the file and the box closes, but the file does not show up in the box.


This is what happens if the file is larger than 40 MB, but it is possible that there might be some sort of file name incompatibility that is causing the selection to disappear; I'll suggest only A-Z, a-z, and 0-9, with no spaces.  You indicated that you can open the PDF file with Acrobat, so that says the file is not corrupt.


This PDF file was submitted at a size different from the expected trim size. . . . If the content is not aligned properly please resize your PDF to match the trim size and upload again.


That last part is what I was getting at: if anything is "fixed," find out the cause and correct it in the file you upload (no matter who actually does the correcting) so that nothing has to be "fixed."  The "fixing" process is simplistic and can lead to numerous other problems.


That first part probably indicates a bleed problem, where the bleed type selected in title setup doesn't match the bleed in the PDF.  This can be simple, like having the wrong selection checked, or more difficult, like having 1/4" bleed instead of the 1/8" that CS specifies, or crop marks (to pick some examples).  If the PDFs were prepared for commercial printing, the bleed and margins, as well as the spine thickness of the cover,  could differ from CS's requirements.


Based on what you have described, you might find it advantageous to enlist the services of CS or some of the forum members who provide those services.

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19. Mar 25, 2017 12:49 AM in response to: GoffBooks
Re: Cannot upload custom cover PDF file?  Help!

Your best chance at getting the issues corrected is to start with the source files for both the interior and cover - the files from which the PDFs were created (MS Word, Scribus, Adobe InDesign, Quark, etc.). PDFs aren't really meant to be editable, so if there's something wrong with the PDFs, it's best to correct the source and regenerate the PDF. You said the publisher who created them went out of business. In that case, they shouldn't have any issues with also providing you the source files, since they didn't publish and left it now on you. You must have the source files.


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22. Mar 25, 2017 7:34 AM in response to: Seisa
Re: Cannot upload custom cover PDF file?  Help!

I agree that it is best to have everything, so all options are available when determining how to solve a make-ready issue.


That said, even when the design files are available, about 90% of the time I'll choose to work with the PDF file when doing troubleshooting and fixups. The reason is because most publishers and professional designers use proprietary and third-party plug-ins to make design tasks easier. (We do.) These plug-ins are generally platform and version dependent.


If the layout was done 15 years ago on a system running Windows 98 or XP, a critical plug-in may (should) be included in the design package, but it likely won't run on Windows 10, and there was probably never a version of it that ran on Mac. Source files in Word have the same issue -- not portable across platforms or versions (page content may reflow). So having the design files can open a figurative can-o-worms in many cases.


In contrast, there are some terrific tools for working with PDFs. They are pricey, so not something a casual user or even the average self-publisher would invest in or learn to use. But in the publishing business, make-ready issues are not uncommon, and with the right toolset, a lot of these issues can be quickly and easily corrected in the PDF.


Again, though, I agree that having the design files is always better than not having them.

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23. Mar 25, 2017 7:58 AM in response to: GoffBooks
Re: Cannot upload custom cover PDF file?  Help!

GoffBooks wrote:


I talked with CS support and they told me that all that I need to do is to use the cover creator to make the cover and to resize the internal pdf to 6 X 9.  They said the internal portion is currently sized at 5 X 7.

A much better option than resizing your PDF is changing the trim size in your project with CS to 5 X 7 (when you upload the interior file, select 5 X 7" instead of using the default size of 6 X 9"). Then you shouldn't have any issues with the size of the interior file.


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