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Jun 18, 2017 10:39 AM

Cover Was Fine, Now Transparency Issues



I had a few issues with my cover in terms of receiving this error message:



The cover contains transparency which is flattened during our processing and may result in a slight change in appearance.


And this caused a few unwanted lines to show up on my cover and leave a jagged edge around one of the objects. I spoke to my cover designer who made a few changes and the new pdf file uploaded without any error messages. My physical proof arrived and that was fine too.


However, I decided to try a slightly different version of the cover that the designer had sent me, so then uploaded that. I wasn't happy with that version, so replaced it with the same one I had used for my physical proof and put it back through the review process again.


Unfortunately, this has now been reviewed and is saying there is a transparency issue which has been flattened etc. There's certainly no jagged line around the edge of the object this time round, but I'm sure the edge isn't as sharp as when it was approved with no issues.


Any ideas what's going on? I've definitely uploaded the same file, so am very confused. I don't really want to have to order another proof copy, but I may have to shell out the cash for this. I had to re-upload my interior as I'd made some further changes and will have a further review by Createspace in the next 24 hours - hopefully it will rectify itself, but I'm a little doubtful now.



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1. Jun 20, 2017 9:12 AM in response to: bnrcktts
Re: Cover Was Fine, Now Transparency Issues

I've had a couple similar situations. In one case it was a CreateSpace issue, the other was in one of the layers of the cover file and I had to have the artist fix it. The way I was able to figure it out was to call them. They escalated the issue to a second level. It took a couple days to hear back but at least it was resolved.


Good luck.

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2. Jun 20, 2017 10:19 AM in response to: bnrcktts
Re: Cover Was Fine, Now Transparency Issues

In theory, when you upload a revised file, it replaces the existing file: B replaces A, C replaces B, etc.  But, contrary to what everyone at CS will tell you, and contrary to what most people here will tell you, that does not always happen.  Sometimes B and C co-exist, sometimes C uploads but only B is actually there.


Files naming is important: make sure that each file has a discrete name.  Do not count on using the file date.


Do not rely on the Digital Proofer or the downloadable PDF proof.  Order a printed proof.  Period.  It is a contract proof: It is what CS says they can do with your file and it is what you approve with regard to correctness and quality. If there are problems down the road, it is what you can refer to.  It not only says Proof on the back page, but it gives date, place of manufacture, and a identifying barcode.




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