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Oct 17, 2017 7:46 PM

Whether and how best to include description after title?

Are there any problems or disadvantages to including one or more descriptive phrases in parentheses or brackets immediately after my book's title, so it'll appear that way at Amazon?


I occasionally see this at Amazon, both for self-published books and traditionally published books by major publishers.


For example:


My Book Title (Clean, humorous fiction)


On my CS Member Dashboard Title Setup, is it best to include such a phrase immediately after the title, or better to enter it in the subtitle area, in which case a colon will appear before it, like this:


My Book Title: (Clean, humorous fiction)




the term "Clean, humorous fiction" (or whatever other description I might use) isn't really a part of my title, I don't want it to be a subtitle either, and it doesn't appear on my book's cover.


And if I include that descriptive phrase when I enter my title or subtitle in my CS Member Dashboard Title Setup, do I also need to include it when I register my book's title at Bowker - and also at the U.S. Copyright office?


Please help! Thanks for your thoughts.

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1. Oct 18, 2017 6:52 AM in response to: ElizaBennet
Re: Whether and how best to include description after title?

You've already identified two solutions (i.e., making the tagline part of the title or subtitle). There's only one other way I know of.


The Amazon product page typically use this format for series books:

Title: Subtitle (Series name) (Series volume)


So I suppose you could accomplish what you want by entering "Clean, humorous fiction" as the series name, and leaving the volume number field blank.


From a bibliographic and cataloging perspective, none of these solutions is recommended. As lipmag suggested, those fields should only be used for the actual title, subtitle, and series name exactly as they appear in/on the book itself. But if you want your tagline to be listed as indicated on the Amazon product page, then those are the only options.


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