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Oct 21, 2017 8:32 PM

Barnes and Noble??

I know that when publishing with CreateSpace, your book is available on Amazon (or Ebook is thats what you chose), but how difficult is it to get your book on sale on Barnes and Noble website? Is it hard to do and get accepted for it? I would really love to have mine on Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon. And also, can I sell the same book as Ebook and Paperback?

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1. Oct 21, 2017 9:14 PM in response to: htkim
Re: Barnes and Noble??

If you enable Bookstores and Online Retailers under Expanded Distribution (Distribute/Channels from your CS member dashboard), your book will be added to Barnes & Noble's online listings.


If you are purchasing an ISBN instead of using the CS free one, it is better for you financially to print a parallel edition through Ingram Spark, since the royalty is higher than CS pays for non-Amazon sales. Ingram Spark charges an upload fee and it might not be worthwhile if non-Amazon sales aren't large, but Spark is waiving the upload fee through the end of November.


You can publish the same book as both ebook and paperback. CreateSpace has an option for them to forward your book to Kindle, but don't use it - it is better to format a version of your manuscript specifically for Kindle and upload that to Kindle Direct Publishing (link at the bottom of the home screen). If the author and title are exactly the same, Amazon will link the print and electronic editions.


Kindle books will not be picked up by Barnes & Noble or anyone else, because the Kindle format is proprietary to Amazon. Other retailers sell ebooks in the EPUB format. You can issue an EPUB edition through Smashwords, Draft2Digital, or another site. If you are issuing a parallel print edition through Spark, there is no additional fee (the rest of the year) to issue the EPUB through Spark at the same time.

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3. Oct 22, 2017 2:58 AM in response to: htkim
Re: Barnes and Noble??

htkim wrote:


So if I enable expanded distribution, I will be automatically added to barnes and noble?


Do you know how long it takes for your book to be put up on Amazon and the expanded distribution platforms after you approve?

Amazon begins building the sales page within a day of the publisher approving the proof, but it's built in stages, so not all pieces appear immediately (Look Inside is usually the last piece to appear, and can take a few weeks). The other retailers usually take a week or so. Once you publish, you can search for your ISBN at to see which online retailers have it.

Is there a reason why it's better to upload to Kindle Direct Publishing instead of forwarding from CreateSpace? And is it a difficult process to get my book on Kindle?

PDFs rarely convert well to ebook format, but that's all CreateSpace sends over to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) when you opt for that here (and you'd still have to log into KDP to finish publishing the ebook edition). It's far better to upload a properly formatted .mobi or .epub file directly to

And when you say non-amazon sales, you mean Ebook right? So you're saying Ingram pays more for Ebook purchases than Amazon does for Kindle purchases?

No, this means paperback sales through any other online retailer (or brick and mortar bookstores, in very rare cases) beyond Amazon. IngramSpark does offer ebook distribution as well, though.

And lastly, I can still have a kindle book and paperback right? But Barnes and Noble (and others) will only pick up the paperback and not the kindle? Do you recommend Kindle?

Yes, you can have both editions. But CreateSpace only handles paperbacks, so you have to publish the ebook edition elsewhere. Kindle (.mobi) is a proprietary format used only by Amazon. All other ebook retailers use the .epub format. So to publish the ebook edition beyond Amazon, you'll need to use an aggregator like IngramSpark, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, etc.


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