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15. Oct 25, 2017 6:01 PM in response to: walton
Re: Red cover color



Thanks for the clarification. I am ok with a little variation, but the previous proof copies vaired quite a bit. Since I re-submitted the two files, I have received an updated proof copy and the two volumes were almost identical. I really would like to keep all five volumes identical, makes them look more professional.


The two more interesting questions for me, not necessarily related to the topic, but relevent to the issue of consistency. I have noticed internal variation with regard to internal printing. Sometimes the print quality is very good, crisp, clean font and dark color. Then other times, sometimes within the same print order, the fonts are very difficult to read, the printing is so light.


Then the other issue I've found is cover curl. This also seems very inconsistent from job to job. I love the matted format, but the cover curl drives me crazy. Seems like there is more of a chance of curl with matt finish, than with glossy. However, sometimes the glossy also has major cover curl, then I've gotten matted finish with no cover curl - all ordered through CS.


Someone mentioned the different locations that might be printing the different jobs.


CS offers a great service. Nothing is perfect. I've thought about looking at the other independent publishing sites to see what kinds of quality they offer. I like the hardback options of one of them.



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16. Oct 26, 2017 11:13 AM in response to: John_P_Irish
Re: Red cover color

Just as over and underinking can be a problem for color, it can be for black and white as well.  Too little ink, type can look gray, washed out, and thin typographic elements, serifs and cross bars, for example, can disappear.


As I may have said above, this is not necessarily a problem unique to CS, or digital printing.  The biggest difference between printing where there is a run of a thousand or more copies and print-on-demand, is that when a thousand copies are being printed, the pressman periodically checks and adjusts the ink fountains, and usually a printer will print way more copies than needed so that they have enough good copies to meet an order. Can't do that with print runs of 1 or 2 copies.


CS does subcontract.  Some subcontractors are great, some aren't.  We have little to no control over where a book is printed.


As for cover curl, this is a constant, low level, issue in the forum.  There are several theories.  Total ink coverage is a popular one.  I've done all white covers and I've done covers in all registration black (400% total ink coverage).  Neither seems any more or less susceptible to curl than the other.  I've done matte and gloss and neither is more or less susceptible to curl.  I have paperback books going back to before the Civil War, some curl some don't.  Dover Books, which used to say "designed to last a lifetime" don't.  Weather is another: Paper is hygroscopic, coat one side, the other expands due to moisture, causing curl.  But I have CS and BookSurge books that have never curled, some that did out of the box.  My theory: lack of consistent control over time, pressure, and temperature when the books are made.   But, again, this is not just a CS problem.





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17. Oct 26, 2017 12:35 PM in response to: walton
Re: Red cover color

I've heard tell that CreateSpace will soon offer an additional cover option: Curl and No Curl. Personally, I think curl adds character.


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