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Nov 20, 2017 7:33 AM

Query about Spine Widths and pages and InDesign and traditional book printing vs CreateSpace!!

Hi there


I am a traditonal print book-designer.  I have been asked to layout a book in InDesign for a client which I have done. My book is 306 pages long. (That includes a blank page as the very last page as this is an odd number and is the back of the last page that has text).


In print publishing, you would have to add extra blank pages at the beginning or end of the book to make the page numbers divisable by 8,16 or 32 so that the pages can be printed together on an offset printer.


I am assuming I do not need to add any blank pages? as this is a xerox docuthech style print run? If I end at page 305 it will print just that and the last page would have a blank back bringing it upto 306?


How do I work out my spine width... 305 pages or 306 pages?


I want blank pages at the beginning of the book (opposite the title page etc.) having these in the file will these cause problems?


I am somewhat confused, it all seems so wrong!!


looking forward to responses

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You do not add any blank pages at the end to complete a signature the way you would with offset. The digital presses used for print-on-demand output "mini-signatures" -- normally four or six pages on a sheet, depending on the trim size and print partner.


The printer's impo software will automatically add the number of blank pages needed to round this out, and on the final blank page they will include the manufacturing origin info (date and location of printing) and a production barcode (allowing the book block to be scanned and matched with the proper cover for binding).


You can't always predict exactly how many blank pages a given print partner might add, but with print-on-demand, trim and binding is not that precise anyway -- so when calculating spine width, just use the actual number of pages in the interior file you're submitting and you'll be fine.


CreateSpace will not allow any more than two consecutive blank pages at the start or in the middle of the book, but having numerous blank verso pages in the front matter as you've described is not a problem.

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KittyCat72 wrote:


I want blank pages at the beginning of the book (opposite the title page etc.) having these in the file will these cause problems?

While this wouldn't be a problem, I'm not sure why'd you do it with Print On Demand, where the production cost is dependent on the page count. A blank page at the beginning adds (slightly) to the production cost, for no real apparent reason.


As Lighthouse said, you also don't need to add a blank page at the end to make the page count an even number, but you should round the page count up to an even number to determine the spine width.


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