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Dec 4, 2017 9:10 AM

Is an average createspace production time for a book order from order date to shipment date of 3.5 weeks a reasonable time?

I was just informed this morning by a createspace that ALL booksellers must expect an average turn around time from date of order to shipment date of three and one half weeks...!? Has Everybody been informed of this fact? As a book seller on Amazon; I am compelled to now post this fact in my "shipping details" an my seller site of "Abbott & Abbott". Unfortunately this forced turn around time will not be accepted by Amazon, as a reasonable "shipping time"; so I must "lie" and say my "date of order" is my "shipping date"...? I am very conflicted on this and wonder if other sellers are dealing with this delimma and how they are doing it..? Thanks much..

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Jul 2, 2011

Hi LL,


I would suggest not stating the order date is the ship date.  Your buyers will go insane when they realize it isn't true.


The (ridiculous) lag time is something that happens every December.  What I would suggest to do temporarily: point buyers directly to the Amazon product page where they will purchase directly from Amazon.  Those print orders get top priority and will not be delayed, as far as I've noticed. I understand there is certainly a difference in royalties, but you may be able to mitigate that by adjusting your list price.  Many of your buyers will get free shipping which may help them accept the price change.  Also, any delays that do happen will not reflect on your seller metrics.


I suggest this as a temporary, lesser-of-evils type of solution.



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Each time I've logged on here for the past couple of weeks, I've seen an announcement about this. Historically, we have not experienced delays (between order placement and print fulfillment/shipping) that are anywhere near this extensive -- not even during during the holidays. But since the media reported that CreateSpace is closing its North Charleston print facility at the end of this year, the staffing level and print capacity there is most likely on the decline.

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Aug 23, 2011

Thanks you all.  I too am experiencing a long delay on my order of 118 books.  I placed my order allowing for about 2 weeks to receive it.  However, every time I look, the order is still in the "In Production Status."  I have a big Kwanzaa event coming up next week, which I may have to forfeit.  Unfortunately, I spent a nice non-refundable fee to be a part of the event and a hefty amount on the books.  But, as the old adage says, "You live, you learn."  I had no idea that my order would take so long.  I have about 12 different titles with CreateSpace and has been ordering books since 2011.  I have never had any problem in the past.  Anyway, now I know not to order any books around the Christmas Holiday time.  I was about to put another order in, however I did not follow through with the other order.


Thanks again you fellow members of the community.  Your statements were very helpful.



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You could consider temporarily reducing the Amazon selling price of your book to the absolute minimum and turning off EDC at the same time if it is on.  You then order a supply of books directly from Amazon with fast shipping or Prime shipping.  Your order should be printed quickly since Amazon/CreateSpace are focussed on getting orders out to Amazon customers fast.  After your order is done, you can turn EDC back on, if you use EDC and change the selling price of your book back to your normal price.

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Nov 17, 2017

Hi Createspace community,


I'm new here and unfortunately found this out the hard way too. My book was set to release in enough time so that people could order it in time for Christmas. It's January 2nd, and my order is still "in production". This has been an unfortunate learning experience for sure.


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