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Dec 7, 2017 2:02 PM

A novice poet

Hi I just published on Amazon with the kindle version then a few weeks later I completed a paperback version of my poetry book and I publish under the pen name Sorbus Green. I have been writing for over twenty years but this is the first time I decided to dip my toe into the water and enter the world of self-publish. I was happy with the Kindle version of my book but when I done the paperback version (I ordered some copies as I intended to sell these at a book event). This was a disaster because the page numbers were out of sequence, my title page wasn't in the middle and not only that some of the text begins below the centre of the page. For someone who had taken many months over pain stakingly getting my work all typed up it has been embarassing. I did contact someone to ask for a quote to get it fixed it came back as an expensive P.R disaster. I read many books on different themes and studied litreature including some classics. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to converting files into a PDF file, I can type up all my material but this didn't prepare me for the impending doom of the book. I also designed my two versions as I am a photographer I wasn't keen on getting a stock photograph as I felt this wouldn't reflect on the work I produce from a literary sense. I don't only write poetry I also have written short stories and have worked on a novel. The poetry book may be a blip but I would like to be able to fix the blip it doesn't put me off getting myself up the publishing ladder.  The poetry book is 6x9, perhaps I should've made the book smaller but the design and size was the only thing I liked about the book. I'd welcome advice, I thought publishing on Amazon would be an easy step but it wasn't for me. Typing and editing were the easiest parts (I have studied poetry and this is what prompted me to publish my own material so this decision wasn't taken lightly). Mainstream publisher's aren't keeen to publish poetry as they don't sell. I just would like as much advice from other's who have found themselves in the same position as myself as it would be appreciated.

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1. Dec 7, 2017 2:46 PM in response to: zaza09
Re: A novice poet

zaza09 wrote:


I was happy with the Kindle version of my book but when I done the paperback version...

I do hope your book has better grammar than your post? Yes, formatting a paperback is a whole different kettle of fish to an ebook. Myself and many others on here do it the opposite way around; publishing our paperback first, then converting that manuscript into an epub or mobi file. There are many books on the subject and Createspace has its own guide to creating a PDF from a Word file, so you should start there. I have used Createspace's templates almost exclusively for my books, and, albeit glitchy at times, they save me the trouble of a whole new learning curve where formatting is concerned. Maybe one day if my books ever sell in sufficient numbers I will avail myself of professional services in that department. Steve from has a formatting service which will not render you penniless as a result, and there are many others on here who will perform that service for a reasonable fee. I wish you the best.



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