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Jan 16, 2018 9:40 PM

Cover issues after uploading PDF to CreateSpace (Cover made in Adobe Illustrator CS4)

I created a cover image (300 dpi) in Photoshop, imported that into Illustrator, added in fonts and adjusted sizing, then exported it to PDF. Everything looks like how it's supposed on my local. However, every single PDF I upload it filled with stitch lines and I get a warning the cover has images less than 200 dpi.


I check the book proof online, and zoom in: the stitch lines are still there, the image is pixelated. While I realize the lines don't necessarily appear when printed, the lines appear on the preview cover too:


Image here


The lines were a problem in the past, but I somehow got around it. Ordered one proof, uploaded another cover in my wrangle to fix the darker color issues, ordered another proof. Now that I'm uploading the final color-fix, the stitching problem has reappeared. Zooming into the cover on the online preview does not make the lines go away. The cover being less than 200 dpi is a new issue. Multiple attempts to create my PDF based on how I did it before aren't working, and it's getting really annoying having to wait 24-hours to confirm whether or not "this time" worked....



Further details:

* Per my most recent attempt at a PDF. Illustrator Document Rastor Effects were set at 300 ppi, Anti-alias checked, color model RGB. When saving as a PDF, Standards were "None," Compatability was "Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5), and all additional options were unchecked.

* My most recent notifications include: "Cover not sized appropriately" (Understandable as I have 2 pages less since first proofing the book), "The cover contains layers that have been flattened during our processing," and "The cover contains transparency which is flattened..." The latter two messages are new and did not appear in my previous upload.

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I answered this the other day, a long long answer, with images of banding and streaking lines.  etc. Who knows what happened.


Okay, a short answer . . .


Those lines could be stitching lines (vector and raster art in proximity, in what Adobe calls atomic regions).  Most stitching lines are non-printing artifacts, and usually white.  There are also black stitching lines, and these are more often printing lines.


You could completely rasterize your cover, say convert to JPG.  There there would be no stitching lines.


Two other problems, that I've seen even with professional designers:

  • Different blacks . . . RGB black, monitors, for example, cannot show rich blacks, which are often blacker than black. Usually these are areas that are built up in layers during the construction of the cover are.  This is not what you have. 
  • Bad selections, extractions, etc. . . . here you can have lines that show up between areas of the over all image.  If you don't have stitching lines (flatten the art), then is is quite likely this.  The cure is to paint (paint, clone, patch tool) them out. 


I would not depend on CS for anything.  You must fix this.  I would convert the cover art into a JPG, before making a PDF.  I would examine the art at no less than 300% magnification.  If there are lines, paint them out.  Make a PDF and upload that.


Given the spam here, come on over to  selfpublishingforum.  It's free.  Many of us who answer questions here are active there.




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