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Feb 3, 2018 1:45 PM

Deleting? Need help fixing my typo!

After I approved a book and sold a few copies, I did discover a simple typo and I was so embarrassed!


I tried to upload the corrected version but it wouldn't let me (which I understand) and it said I needed a whole new ISBN for it.

So I created a new ISBN with the exact same cover, title, interior with just the corrected mistake.


Now I'm reading that I cannot take down the origninal version because it's sold any copies at all?


Is there anyway for Amazon to NOT have both copies listed?


I had a thought of making it only available in Europe so that it doesn't show up on the american Amazon market, which is my main target market. So, I changed the option and it does say "Order now - only 1 left" on the orignial version. Do you think once that 1 copy is ordered, it will go away?


I just need some direction. Thank you!

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1. Feb 3, 2018 2:03 PM in response to: jaxalee
Re: Deleting? Need help fixing my typo!

Firstly; there was no need for a new ISBN. You simply had to correct the issue(typo,) in your original manuscript, convert that to a PDF and upload your new interior file to CS.


(Not sure I understand why you were prompted to apply for a new ISBN. I have revised many of my interiors without that prompt ever showing, unless your typo was in the essential elements that could not be changed once you approved your book?)


It would then go through the review system again. Now that you have duplicated your book unnecessarily, no, your book will remain listed on Amazon forever due to the possibility of used book sales occurring. You can, however, disable all sales channels for that first book so no further new book sales are possible. Helps to be sure of everything before you hit the 'Approve' button. Did you order a proof copy of your first book? Did you go over that proof copy word by word?



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