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Feb 15, 2018 2:56 PM

Hey? The cover contains text that extends beyond the outside margin and may be cut off during the production process.

Hi guys, Help welcomed. I'm having problems with the cover.  I had it all approved and then I wanted to make some changes to one of the interior pages. I did so, then re-uploaded the text. The interior is fine, but now, it keeps on rejecting my cover with the words:   the cover contains text that extends beyond the outside... etc.  It doesn't.  I've checked, double checked and re uploaded it three times now but I keep getting the same. I've even pulled text that was near to the guideline even further in but still get rejected.  Any ideas anyone?  thanks!

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Can you post a picture of the cover?  Or a link to it?  That will help us a lot.


Sometimes it can be a drop shadow . . . I had a client's book with a dropshadow on the ttile, it crossed into the out-of-live margin by several pixels, and that was enough (I did not do the cover, but I fixed it). Sometimes an image might extend into the out-of-live margin which CS thinks is a "live element"!?


Here's a cover I did, which was rejected because it had live elements in the out-of-live margin:



And, no, it was not the title or the authors name: it was the black and red colors.  After an email to CustomerSupport and several phone calls, it was approved.


Again we can help better if we can see the cover.


Given the spam here, come on over to  selfpublishingforum.  It's free.  Many of us who answer questions here are active there.




Bleeds,  free, 91 page guide to bleeds, margins, covers, and annotated CreateSpace guidelines. Prepress Glossary: free, 79 page, fully illustrated prepress glossary with annotations for  CreateSpace users Type & Typography: free, 112 page illustrated guide to designing books, typography, with glossary, and type specimen pages  Free: list of free PDF downloads; selfpublishingforum: spam free forum. Contact  for graphics, design, and typesetting help.



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If you have a software tool that will allow you to open the cover, and then select all objects in a wireframe view, this may reveal the problem.


For example, the text characters themselves may be well within the safe zone, but the bounding box ("handles") for that text object may not be, and a wireframe view of the object would show those bounding boxes.


Another common thing I run across is abandoned or "accidental" text objects -- something the designer created, but ultimately didn't use (and maybe even moved off to the side and eventually forgot about) -- resulting in a text object that has no text (and therefore doesn't show up in a normal view), but is there in the PDF as a text object nevertheless. Again, the wireframe view will help you catch objects like that.


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