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Aug 3, 2018 9:00 PM

PDF Conversion tools

I have read and searched as many articles as I could find and I am still running into a challenge.


I write my books in word using the templates provided by CS, saves time, and for me thats a precious commodity.


Then when I went to upload and realized that CS (as most do) only wants PDF's


So, to avoid buying a copy of Adobe I tried several things.


1)  first I tried a free online conversion service (I think it was but I could be wrong) CS said my formatting was all wrong


2)  Being a open source kinda guy I ran it through Open Office 3.0, CS rejected it, AND I noticed that the file was a different size


3)  Then I downloaded and tried several "free pdf converters" both in windows AND linux and the formatting was always either corrupted or rejected by CS


Finally I downloaded Adobe and found that I had a trial period, that worked well enough to get my 1st book done, but I am looking for a more permenant solution.


I REALLY would love to be able to move everything over to my Linux PC's (my main desktop and my laptop are all linux) so I have open office and Libre office both the latest versions installed.


But to give you an example. When I used Adobe X my PDF came out to 544k  when I exported it through Open Office 3 (in windows Im at work) its 501k


anyone have any ideas I would REALLY appreciate am and all help





PS. There are NO images in my book

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1. Aug 4, 2018 10:49 AM in response to: Mirce
Re: PDF Conversion tools

Mirce wrote:

Being a open source kinda guy...

Scribus is an open source desktop publishing solution that has the capability to export to PDF, and includes the PDF/X-1a preset as one of the export/compatibility options (a PDF/X-1a file would include everything CreateSpace or IngramSpark requires). That might be something to consider.

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2. Aug 4, 2018 7:10 PM in response to: Mirce
Re: PDF Conversion tools

Not really sure of the problem you are trying to solve (knowing why the file was rejected is kind of useful information), but if you have created your PDF with Libre Office using the PDF/A preset and are having problems with PDF corruption, the cause probably lies elsewhere.


For example, if you used Word to write and edit the files, the .doc file could have become corrupted (the CS templates come with errors, anyway); and if you are using free fonts, the font files very often contain internal errors that aren't apparent until later.


My book interiors are all prepared on a Linux system, but the print-ready PDFs I upload are made with the Acrobat Distiller on a Windows system.  Ghostscript comes standard on most Linux systems, and it's great for making working PDFs, but it does not compare to Acrobat for reliable print-quality performance.


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