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Aug 20, 2018 8:12 PM

Making a single-volume collection from a series

Hopefully this is the correct section to post--I feel like I've been wading through an informational bog! Scouring the forums hasn't really gotten me an answer specific to our situation, so I'm hoping there is some advice floating around that y'all would be willing to share. My last resort will be contacting customer support, but I wanted to try my luck here first.


Over the past 5 years or so, we (myself and two family members) have been working on a 4-book illustrated children's series, all published through CreateSpace. Three books have already been published, with the fourth and final book nearing completion. We've considered possibly publishing all four books together in one volume (a collection, omnibus, whatever you want to call it) once the series is complete.


I am the illustrator, and also the one handling the formatting/uploading/technological end of things, so I'm fairly familiar with the member dashboard and navigating the project setup process.


Has anyone compiled multiple books into one volume on CS? The individual books are each less than 50 pages, so collected would probably be around 120 pages, give or take. The stories and illustrations are all original and our own, so there shouldn't be any copyright issues, but my main concern is the actual setting up of the collection. How to reference/credit our original books, making sure the ISBN is set up properly, and whether CS even allows this kind of compilation using books that have already been published on their platform.


In compiling a single-volume collection, we also discussed making some small tweaks--we made sure to indicate "first edition" somewhere in each book as we published it, anticipating possible future changes, so would the updated volumes being included in the collection be considered "second edition" if there are changes made to the original text?


Any insight would be much appreciated, as this particular endeavor is new to me and I'm a bit stumped on where to begin or if our idea is even possible. I'll keep digging in the forums and hopefully come across some answers, but in the meantime I'd be happy for any tips or suggestions!





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1. Aug 21, 2018 8:51 AM in response to: B-Trio
Re: Making a single-volume collection from a series

B-Trio wrote:

Has anyone compiled multiple books into one volume on CS?

Lots of people. I have several clients who've done this. In the sci-fi and fantasy categories alone, there must be dozens of authors here who have published three books in a series, and then published a trilogy combining all three. CreateSpace has no problem with it.


The trilogy (collection, omnibus, whatever) is its own work, with its own title and ISBN (and its own title page and copyright page). On that copyright page, in addition to the copyright notice for this new work, it is common to show something like:


This omnibus was previously published in separate editions as:

Title, ISBN, copyright

Title, ISBN, copyright

Title, ISBN, copyright

Title, ISBN, copyright


In most cases, the copyright pages for the individual editions are removed when compiling the collection, and any credits or citations from those are combined and included under the statement above.


Again, this collection is considered a separate (first edition) work, and any tweaks or revisions to the previously published content would not need to be noted unless it were significant to a rights holder or to readers. Two examples of that would be if one of the original works used licensed content and the licensing information had changed, or if the original works were something like textbooks or workbooks that contained errors/errata pages that were corrected/resolved in the compilation. Neither of these seem likely in an illustrated children's book.


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