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Sep 15, 2017
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Anna-Louise Dann
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United Kingdom
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Anna-Louise Dann was raised by her grandparents, she is a happily married mother and step-mother to three beautiful children. She loves creating stories and spent a lot of time as a child writing short stories and poems. Her love for Fantasy tales came from her grandmother who used to read Enid Blyton 'The Magic Faraway Tree' to her at bedtimes. As a teenager, she found Mills and Boon novels and always entertained the idea of writing her own novel. As she grew her tastes in books matured and as well as academic reading she developed a love for Terri-Anne Browning and Bella Jewel's novels. She pursued a Cultural Studies degree and left with a BA Hons in 2012. During writing her dissertation 'From Superstition to Legend: The Satirical Evolution of the Vampire' her intrigue with all things unusual flourished. Her interests in spectral beings like Vampires, Werewolves and Witches became a focal point and she researched and delved into the folklore and origins of where these creatures had originally emerged. She succumbed to the call of her creative passions and has written and released her first novel Unfamiliar; this story will be the start of The Vandran Legacy series; where she has combined her two favourite genres romance and fantasy
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Writing, reading, swimming, walking, socialising
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I have published my first novel Unfamiliar through createspace and Amazon. Unfamiliar kicks off the first installment of The Vandran Legacy series.
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I have a bachelor degree in Cultural Studies and I am currently in University gaining a masters degree. My book Unfamiliar was publishe'd at the end of September 2017 and currently has moderate success with eight five star reviews.
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