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Publication Schedule and Marketing Plans

Posted by AyaKatz on Aug 16, 2012 6:39:33 AM

We now have a front cover mock-up  for our second novel that is set in WWII, Transatlantic Lives by Jesse Bier. The cover is based on a photo provided by the author, and the author has given his enthusiastic approval for the cover design. I do think it is a very striking cover image, suggestive of the subject matter..


Meanwhile, we have a first review  of  part one of Our Lady of Kaifeng:


The tentative schedule is for Our Lady of Kaifeng to come out  in mid-September and for Transatlantic Lives to make its debut in December. There well may be one other book published by Inverted-A Press this year, although that is not certain. It's quite possible that the rest of our publications will be pushed back to the start of 2013.


Every Inverted-A Press book has an ISBN number assigned to it by Inverted-A Press and not Createspace. We have purchased a whole lot of such numbers from Bowker. This is very important, as Createspace has recently announced that any books that were assigned an ISBN number by Createspace will henceforth appear under the Createspace imprint. Our books all bear the Inverted-A imprint.


Our current best seller, relatively speaking, is A Thousand and One Stories of Pericon de Cadiz. Here is a new Amazon review of that book from an Amazon confirmed purchaser:


The Pericon book has had international sales, in  Spain and Great Britain, as well as the US. For future books, my biggest dream would be to open a marketing channel in China. There would be no need to translate the books to Chinese, as books in the English language are doing quite well on For instance, check out this listing:


I feel as if the American market is the hardest one to crack, and success in China might help to crack it. Any ideas on how to get started there?




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Aug 16, 2012 3:56 PM JuliaHanna    says:

I think it is great you are looking into ways to crack into the Chinese market.  I think I will write a blog post encouraging people from China to check out the books published by Inverted-A, as I do get some search engine traffic from there.  My blog will probably not make that much of a difference, but getting the word out there is a start.

Aug 16, 2012 4:06 PM AyaKatz    says in response to JuliaHanna:

Thanks, Julia. Every little bit helps, and who knows, maybe someone with some connections to will see your blog post. It's certainly worth trying.