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At the Dent County Historical Society Meeting

Posted by AyaKatz on May 17, 2013 1:44:35 PM

Dent County is where I first hoped to settle in Missouri when I came here in 2001 and started looking at properties. But eventually I wandered further south, where real estate prices were more reasonable and I was able to buy a ten acre hobby farm on which to raise my then two year old daughter and the chimpanzee I hoped to adopt. That was the start of Project Bow


Arriving a little early for my talk before the Dent County Historical Society on May 14 with my daugher (now graduated from eighth grade and starting high school in the fall) and her best friend, we saw some familiar sights: the Ranch Motel where we were staying when I first heard of the 911 tragedy, the Wal*Mart where we shopped and where I bought my first cell phone ever, the McDonalds that used to fascinate my daughter when she was a toddler.


We also got to see the Dent County Courthouse and the Bank of Salem, which was founded in 1883, long before there was a Federal Reserve or an income tax. The meeting of the Dent County Historical Scoiety was held in the courtesy meeting room of the Bank of Salem and was chaired by the president of the Historical Society, Deloris Gray Wood. Below is a clip of part of the talk that I gave.


Though the video is of low quality, having been filmed with a cell phone camera, I think you can see that there was a great deal of audience participation and enthusiasm for the topic.


I am really enjoying my appearances on behalf of Theodosia and the Pirates and the other Inverted-A Press books. In the past, I had not been that interested in giving talks about my books, believing that the books should speak for themselves. But now that I have started down this path, I can see that there is so much more to any book than only what is on the pages. There is the back story. There is the message. And there are many, many different ways to look at the same issue, so that no two talks have to be exactly the same.


People are beginning to understand that there is a unified thread that runs through all my writing, and I have even recently been interviewed about this on Julia Hanna's blog:'


It's great to be able to talk with people openly about the meaning of my writing. In the past, when I was still hoping to follow a more mainstream avenue of publication, I almost felt to compelled to hide what the books were about, to try to convince people that they were just stories, just fiction, just art for art's sake. That was a very inhibiting process. Doing it this way, talking to people about what I truly care about, is so much better. And what's more, I am finding that other people care, too!

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May 17, 2013 4:42 PM Seal    says:

A minor correction to your post:

In 1862, in order to support the Civil War effort, Congress enacted the nation's first income tax law.

Read more:  History of the Income Tax in the United States |



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May 17, 2013 5:07 PM AyaKatz    says in response to Seal:

Thanks for the correction, Seal. I should have been more specific. I was referring to the passage of the 16th amendment in 1913 and the implementation  of the income tax system currently in effect in the US.