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Azriel replied to Make edits after proof

"Are these spelling error or grammar issues? If so, you correct your manuscript, then upload again. Followed by the review process once more."

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23 hours ago
Azriel replied to Fancy a laugh, an introspective sigh, or a tour through madness

"Honest thought, $10 for 88 pages is a bit high. It isn't even a trade paperback, it's smaller."

in Introduce Yourself - 3 replies
2 days ago
Azriel replied to Did you get the remittance email for US today?

"I got my first one today and was super excited to receive it!"

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2 days ago
Azriel replied to She

"I started to respond before she posted her link but it took me that long to find the book and make the post."

in Share Your Work - 10 replies
3 days ago
Azriel replied to She

"I had about a half an hour of excess time and went on the hunt for this title. I should have just ignored it but I like a good search....  "

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3 days ago
Azriel replied to Preview of my first book- honest review required

"Congrats on the book, first. It could certainly use a professional edit. There are many errors, which can distract the reader. Some examples"

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3 days ago
Azriel replied to Would Like some feedback on my preview

"Short but okay. Didn't really give much to go on. A couple little points, is he in a motel or hotel? At first, you say a motel, then a hotel"

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3 days ago


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