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Dec 12, 2009
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Jan 21, 2016 11:15 AM
Christopher Pinckley, cpt
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Lafayette, CA
United States
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Self Help
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Christopher A. Pinckley, cpt has been a professional personal trainer and rehabilitation specialist for over 13 years. He attended college in his home town of Lincoln, NE where he studied writing. While working out at the University gym one day he noticed someone giving out instructions on how to exercise. He discovered that this person was a ?Personal Trainer? and thinking to himself that there must be no better way to make a living than being paid to workout, his course took a tangential turn. Later in life, after suffering many debilitating injuries as well as having to deal with chronic knee pain, he began to study and offer exercise rehabilitation to his clients. He relocated to Los Angeles where he reestablished his business and started ?Holisticfitness4U?. Here he trained clients for some years and refined his practice. After five and a half years, he moved north to the San Francisco Bay Area where he reestablished his business again. It was during this time period that he began to study the connection between physical illness and the state of mind. He was prompted to investigate further by the growing number of clients whom did not respond to physical training alone. He found that this new type of client needed both physical and mental/emotional training in order to begin the healing process. Although Christopher attended college and is a certified personal trainer, his greatest life lessons were learned on the streets. In and out of homelessness, he studied exercise manuals while trying to etch out a living. Having landed himself in jail three times and been fired from over 20 jobs, he didn?t need anyone to point at that change was the order of the day. The turn for him happened when he stumbled onto The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joeseph Murphy. This is where he first gleaned the idea that the mind creates the body. From here he turned to meditation, affirmation, and a more disciplined way of life. Christopher A. Pinckley, cpt became FitLifeStyles certified in 98. In 2000 he received is ACE certification. Christopher remains entirely self taught giving most of the credit to the streets and wayward strangers.
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Meditation, writing, martial arts, chi kung, harnessing the forces of nature, elevation of the bio-energetic sphere, vibrational relativity, enhanced relationships, the power of presence, mountain hikes, thunder storms, the non-physical, being relentless
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"Reality Creation 101" is available in Paper back as well as ebook for the kindle. This book has received endorsements from T. Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, and John Randolph Price as well as a Five Star review from an amazon top 10 reviewer.
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