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Dec 8, 2009
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CreateSpaceBlogger wrote The events that shape you

"In the past, I've read a lot of books and material on the craft of writing. Mostly, I focus on fiction, but I've always been an admirer of w"

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14 hours ago
CreateSpaceBlogger wrote Are you using "I" when you should be using "ME"?

"If I had to name one grammatical error I hear more than any other, I would choose the misuse of the pronoun I instead of ME. <br />"

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1 day ago
CreateSpaceBlogger wrote The bad guy formula

"  I'm going to break an unwritten rule today and talk about a television/streaming show instead of a novel, but I'm doing it for a very go"

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2 days ago
CreateSpaceBlogger wrote Put your best face forward

"There is one element above all others that will establish your author brand and help it stand the test of time. It is something that takes t"

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2 days ago
CreateSpaceBlogger wrote Writing tip: disconnect!

"When I'm working on a book, I find that one of the hardest things about the process - in addition to coming up with what to write - is getti"

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1 week ago


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