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CreateSpaceKate modified Character revelation

"A fictional character's innerself is revealed best by moral  obstructions against the deeply held beliefs, motives, ideologies, insecurities"

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10 hours ago
CreateSpaceKate modified FREE BOOK promotion until August 18, 2017

"FREE BOOK!! Starts today. OFFER ENDS 8/18/2017.   Get your free copy of " Lost: Children of the River " (The Raving Press, 2016). <br />W"

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15 hours ago
CreateSpaceKate modified Emotion

"In writing, strongest emotion is expressed by the extreme contrast: A moment of love in pervasive hatred; A moment of bravery in a decisive"

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1 day ago
CreateSpaceKate modified Trying To Connect You

"  Synopsis:   When  Sarah is sacked from her  accountancy firm, despite being told she's not being sacked, merely  being given the "golde"

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1 day ago
CreateSpaceKate modified THINK PINK!

"I love all that is PINK...but I do write about other things. I've been writing (seriously) from the 90's before I retired from Dell Computer"

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CreateSpaceKate modified Analysis

"Review every word, sentence, paragraph and page of the writing for direction, impact and emotion. Direction is the theme of the book, whe"

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1 day ago
CreateSpaceKate modified Non-printable markup removed

"I received this message on a single page in multiple uploads of my docx file: "We've removed non-printable mark-up from your document. Exam"

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2 days ago
CreateSpaceKate modified header ****

"I have spent centuries - OK lots of different times - trying to get the headers to work in a book in Word 2003, so different chapters of a b"

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3 days ago
CreateSpaceKate modified Christlike

"I recently wrote a short book dealing with Christian discipleship and living a life Christlike. The basis of the book is the Sermon on the M"

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