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Jan 25, 2010
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Aug 28, 2018 10:59 AM
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Denver, Colorado
United States
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Teaching dyslexic children
Hi! I didn't start out to write a book. I started out to get a date. Along the way I stumbled into the online Dating Forums and helped thousands of folks "tweak" their Profiles. They found more and better dates (and a few even found "the one"). So many people told me, "You need to write a book," I did. **AWESOME SECRETS FOR MEN** and **AWESOME SECRETS FOR WOMEN** are the result of reading over 50,000 profiles and helping thousands of REAL online men and women get good, better and BEST dates! As with many things in life, sometimes we start down one path and find ourselves on another. I began my career as a high school teacher of special-needs kids and college prep kids. Years later, I became a writer. Now I get to entertain people and help "kids" of all ages who I've never met. Writing and illustrating books for children is my current passion. Kids liked the first story book I wrote (A TALE OF TWO TOWNS). That led me to write more books for children: THE GAPPATOAD AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS, EXPRESS YOURSELF, THE GNOMES FIND A GNITCH. I added the 100+ Hidden Animals to all the story books on a whim, and it was a lucky decision. Good readers and reluctant readers say, "They're KIDTASTIC!" My latest book is the NUF-NUF PUZZLE BOOK due out in early 2014. If you're between the ages of 9 and 109 and like fun books with good life secrets, you'll probably like it. Writing is hard work, but rewarding in so many ways. All profits from my books go to charity (American Cancer Society, Make a Wish, Red Cross, Professional Firefighters, kids' hospitals). Thank you CreateSpace and Amazon for making my dreams and the dreams of many others come true. :D
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Mentoring kids; Tennis; Hiking; Skiing; Reading; Writing (double duh!)
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CreateSpace Forum! Excellent!
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children's books; dating; denversky5280; relationships;

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