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Sep 17, 2008
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Eric V. Van Der Hope
City, Region, Locale:
Fox Hills (West Los Angeles), California
United States
Primary creative media:
A combination of media types
Other areas of expertise:
"I Help Authors Build Their Platform & Transform Their Message Into A Bestselling Book"
My Website:
Eric V. Van Der Hope is a publisher, author, consultant & speaker who has quietly worked behind the scenes within the internet marketing community developing little-known 'virtual real estate' niches. His passion and desire in helping others find their own 'niche' has been instrumental in their success. He's co-written and partnered with established and trusted marketers in several book projects as well as authoring books of his own. Eric specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners who already make a good living online, but want to add additional income streams by emphasizing a return to basics approach which helps in revitalizing a company's revenue source. A large number of today's well-known marketers have earned millions in revenue by utilizing the strategies & techniques that he emphasizes. Many in the marketing 'arena' respect his 'tell-it-like-it-is' attitude as it brings a breath of fresh air to a competitive market. Eric is a native of Southern California (born in Lancaster) and grew up in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the Angeles National Forest. He attended an English boarding school in West Sussex, and while there had the opportunity of travelling to Europe, specifically - France and Germany, even experiencing life-changing events while living with a Turkish Ambassador to Germany.
My interests:
Avid reader of Tom Clancy, enjoy watching "24", "Prison Break", "X-Files", like much of the 80's music. Appreciate the outdoors, play tennis, ski and walking the beach in Santa Monica. Maintain 75 gallon reef tank (passion and hobby).
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My accomplishments:
--- Hiked Mt. Fuji, Japan --- Lived with the Turkish Ambassador to Germany & his family --- Met California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger --- Safely navigated a US Naval Destroyer, using not just state-of-the-art electronics but from the stars, sun & moon --- Volunteered at Children's Memorial Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois for 1-1/2 years --- Volunteered at John Milton Gregory School, Chicago, Illinois for about 6 months
Favorite resources:
Ted Nicholas --, greatest marketer I've ever met. Anthony Robbins --, needs no introduction . . . Joe Sugarman --, the greatest Copywriter . . . Mark Joyner --, my business inspiration dude . . . Mike Litman --, "best-kept secret of the rich" . . . Tom Antion --, my favorite speaking mentor . . . Alexandria Brown --, thee eZine Queen . . . Sir Richard Branson --, a true entrepreneur . . . Yanik Silver --, a true entrepreneur . . .
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