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May 23, 2016
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Dec 28, 2017 10:32 PM
Ginger D. Scott
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Independence, MO. United States
United States
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Other areas of expertise:
Art/Illustrations Fiction/Non-fiction/Ages: Vary all types
I'm a married woman, and I'm a author. I've got several health issues that slow me down. I'm really good at getting stuff wrote, but sometimes takes me longer than others. I'm not paid currently as an author, but my goal is to get there someday. I like music, sports, comedy. I enjoy reading a variety of things. Just like my music I enjoy variety! I am not a mother, but have got two pets that are cat's. They are like my kids instead of me being a real mom... I'm their mom.
My interests:
Writing, music, art, photography, pets, cooking, sports, and living healthy as I possibly can. I am a wife, and a homemaker, too. I enjoy hobbies such as knitting, but I use a loom instead of doing it the old fashioned way. I can't do it the old fashioned way, but after developing some major problems health wise... I had a friend that was a occupational nurse that showed me how to start a knitted loom hat. Then I was off and running, learning all kinds of new ideas and projects, to make. I have a lot of interests in a lot of things, but I'm shy and bashful. It's hard for me to communicate with others. The one thing that's helped me is finding some doctors that could get me on the right track, and start helping me to get balanced enough... To where I could get back to my writing. The hobby I learned after my Epilepsy & Heart, problems... Helped get my function ability back in my hands, because I was having trouble with being able to use them. I couldn't even open them up, because of what I'd gone through. I couldn't do things I wanted to, because of what my body suffered after having a stroke. That happened with my seizures, and it was a grateful experience having someone help me, and be able to help me get to feeling better!
About my completed projects:
I'm going back through them, because they are a mess.
My accomplishments:
Graduating from the school of the Institute of Children's Literature. Being published by Madison's Who's Who?
Favorite resources:
Course I took through Children's Lit. Internet & research. Read, read, read!
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None currently.

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