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Apr 20, 2009
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Dr. S. Dhillon
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Mountain House, CA
United States
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Molecular biology, science of aging
My Website:
Professor, Dr. S. S. Dhillon has an advanced degree in life sciences and molecular biology from the west and a fascination with yoga, breathing, religion and spirituality from the east crafted out of studies at Yale University, U.S.A. and Punjab University, India. Therefore, he is uniquely qualified to present a synthesis of eastern and western approaches towards Health, Weight, Vegetarianism, Meditation, Yoga, Power of Now, Spirituality, Soul, God, science, and religion. He has published over 12 books and 40 research papers, and has expressed his views in the news media and workshops. He has been the President, Chairman of the board, and life-trustee of a non-profit religious organization and has expressed his views in the congregation and at international seminars. Most of his titles are now available at Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble:
My interests:
COMMUNITY SERVICE AND ACTIVITIES: * Religious Wars and New Consciousness. * Invited speaker, International Seminar, Montreal, Canada. *Universal Religion-- Invited Speaker, Charlotte, NC, USA. *"Gurbani, Science and Soul" Speaker, Durham, NC, USA * "Guru Granth: An Interfaith Scripture for the entire Humanity" Speaker, Durham, NC, USA * "Celebration of 400th Anniversary of Guru Granth." Organizer of seminar, Durham, NC, USA * Holistic Health Workshop, Meredith College, Raleigh, NC. * New Look at Vegetarianism, Lecture, Health Services, NCSU, Raleigh, NC. * Breathing, and Vege. courses, Continuing Education, NCSU, Raleigh, NC. * Appeared on CBS television channel 5, and gave interview to area newspapers about Holistic Health. * Weekly speaker for thoughts on spiritualism in Sunday religious congregation. * Board Director, Triangle Vegetarian Society. President and Chairman of the trustee board, Non-profit religious organization, Durham, NC. * EDUCATED AT: YALE UNIVERSITY, PUNJAB UNIVERSITY * PROFESSIONAL: Research Scientist: Yale University
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Most of my books and writings that I have completed fall under "Self-help" and "Spiritual Series."
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I am a non-fiction author. All of my 12 books fall under self-help and spiritual series. Available for Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and other eReaders. "Printed Editions" are now available under $10.
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health nonfiction spirituality meditation relaxation self-help power smoking breathing dhillon

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