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Jan 15, 2010
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Dune Elliot
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Sheridan, WY
United States
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Other areas of expertise:
Video editing and construction for book trailers and promotional purposes
My Website:
Born in England to a literary family, my first experience with fantasy was with the elves and faeries at the bottom of the garden and a free imagination soon gave life to imaginary friends and other fantastical creatures. My first experience with written fantasy was J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit', which still continues to inspire today. I started writing fantasy as a teenager, gaining experience, and learning what worked and what didn't for a well written story that people actually want to read. Through some good stories, and some pretty bad ones, I became the author that writes novels like 'Necromancer'. Dune currently lives with Cody, a border collie, and two horses in remote Wyoming where characters are given free rein to develop and grow and where adventures are naturally born.
My interests:
Writing epic, adventure fantasy, training horses, riding for the brand and almost anything that involves being outdoors.
About my completed projects:
Morgeth's iron grip on the land of Ilyria is spreading beyond its borders; his necromancy is beginning to rip apart the very fabric that binds Alatheia together and the only thing that stands in the way of total domination is an ancient elven prophecy. Inheriting his mother's sword, Eran must journey far from his idyllic farm life to find the ring that once belonged to his father and unite the two heirlooms in order to destroy the evil that threatens to engulf Ilyria. He joins with others ordained by the prophecy; a legendary warrior, a shape-shifting mage, an elf haunted by his own past and two rather unlikely individuals. Together they face insurmountable obstacles and tragedy before coming face to face with evil itself.
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